Varun Tej is the new-age hero who made his entry into the film industry from the Mega family. The actor’s entry in the film industry was predetermined, and there is no sudden surprise about it. With the blessings of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Varun Tej made his entry in the film industry as a hero.

His height, his looks and the way he carries himself gives everyone a feel that Varun is very soft and the guy next door that everyone will have an instant liking for. He also maintained the same image with the costumes that he picked, on the screen and off the screen.

Varun Tej was supposed to have a glittering debut in the direction of Krish, but surprisingly, Srikanth Addala stepped in to direct his debut film Mukunda which is a classic film that has no non-sense in all the aspects.

Not just with the taking and picturization, the no-nonsense factor is evident through the clothes he wore for the film. The fashion statement that he made with his dresses in Mukunda is simple and relatable by everyone especially the middle-class families. Varun always maintained it off the screen too.

Later, he transformed himself into someone who is so much determined and patriotic. As an army person, Varun Tej presented himself as an obedient person that we get to see in the villages. The way Varun chose his dresses to make himself convincing to the audiences as someone living during the second world war is impressive.

Not just maintaining a simplicity, Varun does research in coming up with the outfits that suit the character he is playing on the big screen. While Varun was seen as a simple guy next door person in the film Mukunda, he mesmerized everyone as a soldier in the movie Kanche.

Then came the film Loafer. Just like how he showed variation in the subjects he chose, Varun presented the same in the dressing style. In Loafer, Varun just appeared as a road-side Romeo who is good for nothing.

The usual brats that we see in our houses are the inspiration for his character. Just like how much people do not care about their grooming, Varun too tried to get a mass appeal with the attitude and the dressing style.

This fashion statement is bright and visible also. Next, he did the films Mister, Fidaa and Tholi Prema. Varun tried to get the look of a student or just came out of college guy look for these films. Grab the best of outfits of Varun Tej from all his movies at from his lover boy looks to the formal outfits at affordable rates and good quality of cloth used from us.

Varun made sure he is in touch with the latest trends that youth are following and just represented them on the screen. At the same time, he then made a makeover with the film Antariksham in which he looked like a scientist.

Playing a dignified person can turn convincing only if the dressing style suits it too. Varun already mastered in this. Later, he did Fun & Frustration where he kind of given the touch of Mister and Loafer to it. All in all, Varun never made a mistake in giving out his fashion sense that is relatable to the current generation.