Soul Healing

Akashic Records are a concept that refers to a metaphysical “library” of information. It contains the collective knowledge and experiences of every soul throughout history. The term “Akashic” comes from the Sanskrit word “akasha,” which means “ether” or “space,”. This is believed to be the substance that the universe is made of.

According to belief, the Akashic Records exist on a non-physical plane of existence. This can be accessed through meditation, hypnosis, or spiritual practices. They contain information about our past lives and our karmic patterns. By accessing these records, we can gain insight into our current life circumstances. We find ways to heal and release negative patterns that may be holding us back.

Understanding the Akashic Records

In the 19th century, theosophist Helena Blavatsky introduced the concept of the Akashic. She described the Akasha as a non-physical “substance”. It permeates the universe and contains the history of everything.

Today, the Akashic Records are a popular concept in spiritual and New Age circles. Many practitioners offer readings and healing sessions based on the concept.

Accessing the Akashic Records requires a state of deep meditation. It is a heightened state of consciousness often facilitated by a trained practitioner. The records are believed to contain information about an individual’s soul journey. Their past lives, karmic patterns, and life purpose. They can also provide guidance and insight into current life circumstances.

How Akashic Record Reading can identify negative patterns and blockages?

Akashic Record Reading is believed to be a powerful tool. It is used for identifying negative patterns and blockages in an individual’s life. The Records are said to contain information about an individual’s soul journey. It may include their past lives, karmic patterns, and life purpose. Through accessing this information, a practitioner can help an individual identify. Any negative patterns or blockages that may be holding them back in their current life. 

Negative patterns and blockages can take many forms. Including emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy behaviors. These patterns can create a cycle of negativity and self-sabotage. This prevents an individual from living their fullest potential. By identifying these patterns, an individual can break free from these negative cycles. Then, it moves forward with greater clarity and purpose.

Soul Healing with Akashic Records

The Akashic Records play a crucial role in identifying and healing Soul-level wounds. To access the Records, a practitioner can gain insight into an individual’s past life.

Here are some ways in which the Akashic Records can facilitate Soul healing:

  1. The Records can reveal past-life traumas and negative patterns. that may be affecting an individual’s current life. By identifying these patterns, the individual can release them.
  2. The Records offer a way to connect with spiritual guides. That can provide guidance and support for Soul healing. These guides can offer insight into an individual’s life purpose. This helps them navigate any challenges they may be facing.
  3. The Records can offer insight into an individual’s life purpose and direction. This can help them gain clarity and focus, allowing them to move forward.

How Akashic Record Reading has helped others with Soul healing?

Akashic Record Reading has helped others with Soul healing including:

  1. A client who had experienced recurring nightmares. That was able to identify a past-life trauma. The nightmares stopped, and the client felt a greater sense of peace and well-being.
  2. An individual who was feeling lost and uncertain about their life purpose. It was able to gain clarity and direction through an Akashic Record Reading. The Records revealed their soul purpose and guided practical steps.
  3. A client who was struggling in relationships was able to release negative patterns. They were able to heal their relationships and move forward.

Overall, the Akashic Records offer a powerful tool for Soul healing. It allows individuals to access the wisdom of the universe. Then, they gain insight into their Soul journey.

Techniques for Using the Akashic Records

Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for your session:

  1. Take some time to reflect on what you hope to gain from your Akashic Record Reading. Set a clear intention for your session, focusing on what you would like to understand or release.
  2. Make a list of questions that you would like to ask during your session. These can be specific questions related to your life and your Soul journey.
  3. It is important to approach your session with open and clear energy. Take some time before your session to meditate. Practice deep breathing, or engage in any other activity that helps you clear your mind.
  4. The Akashic Records are a powerful source of guidance. Be open to receiving whatever information or insights come through during your session.


Exploring Akashic Record Reading and Soul healing can be a transformative journey. That’s towards greater self-awareness, purpose, and fulfillment. Whether you are facing challenges in life or seeking your spiritual connection. The Akashic Records offers a powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance. By working with a skilled, individuals can unlock their fullest potential and live a life.