5 Different Types of Necklines for Prom Dresses That You Should be Aware of

Types of Necklines

All of your friends have started to talk about prom night, and it is the time to determine which style suits you the best. When you decked up yourself in a prom gown, every part of your appearance is important. From the top of your heads to your toes, your overall image needs to show your personality and style statement. Therefore, one aspect of the dress you need to consider is what kind of neckline you want.

And when it comes to necklines, there are myriad options to choose from. As the neckline is an important feature that helps to highlight the characteristics of your dress, you have to be very careful when choosing the neckline of a prom gown. To help you, here we have put together a few necklines that are popular nowadays. Take a look.

1. Bateau neckline prom dresses

The bateau neckline prom dress features a cover along with a collar that extends horizontally in front of and behind the collarbone. As the neckline is high, it will give you a lot of coverage, not too open, and if you add a lace design, it will make you look sexy. When you will wear this kind of dress, you don’t need much decoration, as the lace design of the upper body will attract the attention of others to your beautiful face. If you are very conservative but want to go bold for this prom party, then a dress with bateau neckline will be the right choice for you.

2. Strapless sweetheart prom dresses

Strapless sweetheart prom dresses are one of the most popular necklines among the girls. You can complement the dress with a big necklace or big earrings, which will make you look great. Moreover, there will be no conflict in the matching. This kind of dress also reduces restrain and makes you feel comfortable when dancing all night long. One thing that you have to consider before choosing strapless pink or maroon prom dresses is that they don’t provide a lot of support or coverage. On the contrary, you have to be exposed outside on your shoulders and chest. If your chest is full, for safety purposes, you need to wear a shoulder strap dress, or you can use a strap so you don’t have to worry about the skirt slipping.

3. V-neck prom dresses

If you want to be sexy but less adventurous, then go for a V-neck prom dress. The V-neck is a classic neckline, which perfectly saves girls with wider shoulders, as this kind of dress draws attention to your neck. If you want to create a dreamy feeling, then choose a V-neck dress along with a sexy and intertwined strap. You can get both fashion and comfort from a ball gown without a sling, and you don’t have to be as tight as a shallow gown.

4. Halter prom dresses

Haven’t found the right neckline for you yet? Do you dare to be different at the prom party? Then, halter neck prom dresses will be the ultimate choice for you. Two-pieces halter beck dresses create a sexy silhouette. This kind of prom dresses accentuates your upper part and camouflages your lower part.

5. Scoop prom dresses

Scoop prom dresses are the most common collar type. It creates a feminine and glamorous look. Most scoop prom dresses have a range of sleeve styles, along with short sleeves and long sleeves. Most of the scoop prom dresses come with lace and bead designs. The details of the beadwork and the intricate patterns are amazing at first glance, and it looks absolutely stunning on the photo. This dress is perfect for the prom night.

Whether you are choosing long or mermaid prom dresses, the neckline is likely to determine your face and figure. In order to make yourself thinner, taller, and more fashionable, you need to choose a neckline, which matches your size and lifestyle. So, wait no more, and buy a suitable prom dress from a reputable shop today.