Twitter Bio Ideas

If you’re on Twitter, how would you like people to know about you instantly? Well, Twitter bio is for that purpose as it works as the face of a personality. Whether individual or business, their bio will tell the world about their personality.

Plus, search engines index Twitter bio and that’s why you should use right keywords, information and details into it to help people recognize you easily. Naturally, having a unique bio can set an account apart from the rest, and may even help drive eyeballs.

You can use the power of Twitter bio to boost engagements, gain more followers and achieve better likes and shares easily. The uniqueness in the bio will also help people stand out from the crowd. So, be careful with your info and use it to enhance presence on Twitter.

Here are some Twitter bio ideas to attract more followers –

  1. Tell your audience what you exactly do

One of the purposes of a Twitter bio is to let people or audience know what you do. Unless you tell the world what you do, how can expect others to trust you? So, make sure your bio is descriptive with a solid peek into the type of work or purpose you have. What your company does or why are you on Twitter should be told to audience in clear terms.

  1. Add location

Giving location detail is not as much important for personal account as it is for business account. It breeds trust among the audience and help businesses convey their purpose more effectively. Apart from office location, you should also mention the branches and their cities so that audience on Twitter can find the bio trustable. Bios with location detail are seen more reliable and their engagement levels are also higher.

  1. Add relevant hashtags

The use of relevant hashtags can help a Twitter bio attract more followers easily. When hashtags are used wisely, it gives people a better idea about the business and its core audience. The use of hashtags should focus around the work, location, interest etc. so that others can relate to the profile easily. And when a business adds hashtags for location, it stands a better chance to attract local followers to its fold.

  1. Add a personal touch to the bio

Adding a personal touch to the bio is a great way to catch the attention of more followers. Plus, this strategy adds more likeability dimension to the bio as the horizon is made wider and with that, it can be receptive to more users on Twitter. Adding likes, beliefs, interests, favourites etc. is a good way to insert some personal elements to the bio and give a better peek into the profile.

  1. Highlight your achievements in the bio

If you want to achieve more followers, start highlighting your achievements in Twitter bio. If you have some expertise, or if you have awards, you should make include this info in the bio to win the trust of followers. By adding accomplishments to the bio, you actually boost the credibility of your account and give people solid reason to follow you. That will help attract more followers for sure.

  1. Add the website link

If referral traffic matters to you, add the website link to the Twitter bio and get the targeted audience. You can add any link to the bio, be it of the site, blog post or landing page, as all will help drive the traffic. You can use a traceable link in the bio if the goal is to track the traffic coming from the Twitter handle. The link always works well when it comes to getting traffic to the site.

  1. Use business-specific keywords in the bio

Some top brands understand the value of using business-specific keywords in their Twitter bio. They do it to boost engagements and grab more followers easily. When keywords are included in the profile, people will find the business easily in Twitter. It’s also important to use only keywords that the target audience search for. This will definitely help drive traffic and followers and help the profile over time.

  1. Flaunt your products or services in the bio

Look, you’re on Twitter to catch eyeballs and gain more followers. You are there to inform audience about your business or about what you stand for. That’s why flaunting products or services, whatever they are, like books, podcast, video links, e-books etc can help in enhancing user engagement. When you have included things that you stand for, it helps followers to trust you more and this is how traffic can get a boost.

Clearly, you can use Twitter bio in a subtle manner and win more followers easily and in a low-cost manner. You can also avail social media consulting services for help.

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