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Tremendous Types and Uses of Metalized Film Food Packaging

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Metalized Film Food Packaging

metalized film food packaging

Many companies are offering you high-quality Metalized Film Food Packaging. Flexible packaging is an excellent and brilliant alternative to rigid packaging. It can use for powder, liquid and even for reliable products. Uniquely design films with different and incredible properties such as foil barrier, an adhesive layer, sealant layers, lamination, thickness. Metalized films are polymer films which are coated with a thin layer of metal, generally aluminum. These films give a glossy metallic look which reduces the weight as well as cost.

Furthermore, metalized films are commonly and widely use for packaging and decoration purposes. All these properties contribute to the preservation, increase the value and presentations of the products as well. Metalized film can easily use for serval purposes ranging from food grade to chemical grade.

Types of Metalized Film Food Packaging:

Metalized films are mostly seen in the following types, such as;

  • (PE) Polyethylene
  • (PP) polypropylene
  • (Met Pet) Metalized polyester
  • (OPP) Oriented Polypropylene
  • (PET) Polyester
  • (NY) Nylon
  • (PPFP) Paper/poly/foil/poly

What exactly metalized film is used for?

From different party decoration to firefighter uniforms and also food products packaging such as coffee beans, metalized films can be used in a variety of things. A metalized film is a thin, flexible material both plastic (PP and PET) as well as metal (Aluminium). Furthermore, other materials including nylon, chromium, nickel, and polyethylene are also used. You can easily choose the recycling process which directly depends on its composition. Recognizing what exactly kind of metal or plastic is used in your films significantly boost the capacity to recycle these films.

What types of layers are uses in metalized films?

All the metalized film packaging foods have at least two layers; one is plastic as well as metal. There is also a paper layer which impacts the type of recycling process. Most of the companies concentrate on recycling the plastic from the metalized film which may not to able to process a paper layer. Hiring professional services you can easily add numerous layers of plastic and metal. What’s more, every layer makes the recycling process more complicated and increase the value of the products.

What correlation is metal VS plastic?

Not every metalized film packaging food is consist of the same amount of plastic and metal. As you know, in each film or foil the amount of material affect the way your film is recycled, in addition to its cost. If your metalized films have approximate 18% of aluminum, then they are probably recyclable. On the other hand, if your movies contain less than 18% of aluminum, than it is easier for you to recycle this material because of plastic which is present in it. Always consult the recycling company to determine the most effective and cost-effective alternatives for recycling your specific metalized film.

Uses of the metalized film:

Following are the primary uses of metalized films food packaging, including;

Help in storing food items:

Because of metalized film packaging food excellent and prolong permeability to water or water vapors, metalized films help you in saving your diet for an extended period. Furthermore, because of their incredible and exceptional property, these films help you to maintain the freshness of food over a long duration.

Provide a barrier agent heat and light:

Because of their excellent quality and abilities, these films also act as a barrier against heat and light. Temperature is considered as one of the main reasons for food decay. Metalized films are widely used in food packaging, as they keep your food items safe and secure. However, this is the primary and foremost advantage that makes metalized films more preferred element for packaging and storage of food items.

Prevent germs and bacteria:

It is not just heat which is responsible for the deterioration in the food quality. Metallize films also prevent your food items from in contact with germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms. These films are highly resistant to bacteria or viruses and help you to keep your edibles safe from all the influence of harmful micro-organism.

Barrier properties:

The metalized film properties make them more versatile, useful and essential for packing a variety of products which are hygroscopic and oxygen sensitive. Using a layer structure in which ink is a trap between two upper layers of films create a substrate with low oxygen transfer rates (ORT). These add help you in increasing product shelf life and stability. For improving performance, you can easily add sealant additives and coatings to the films. By using metalized film packaging food, you can easily add these barriers to any of these films to keep your food items safe from air, moisture, dirt, micros, odors. That also helps you in maintaining product favor and help to increase its shelf stability. Moreover, professional services offer you customize services and ensure the product is appropriately packaged and adequately protect it.

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