Travel Guide for Trip To India Nepal

Trip to Nepal

Travel to India Nepal, this stunning country offers a uniquely diverse landscape with the Himalayan mountains and hills in the north and flat expansive plains to the south. From deep gorges to towering mountains, vibrant culture and charismatic people, Nepal is the ideal travel destination for adventure seekers and relaxation seekers alike. But as with any trip, it is important to be prepared before leaving.

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Things you should know before venturing into this exotic land:

1. Water security in Nepal

Travel to India Nepal, if you plan to stay in Nepal for a while, you may want to pack a boiling pot and filter the tap water. Tap water is not safe for consumption, even if it comes from your hotel. Remember also to avoid fruit that may have been washed in contaminated water or to drink soda with ice, since ice may have been made with tap water. Stay with the bottled water, which can be found in almost every store in the country.

2. Nepali food (Dal Bhat)

Travel to India Nepal, when you head to Nepal, do not forget to whet your appetite. Offering everything from traditional food to popular international dishes, you will never go hungry there. The typical Nepalese food is called Dal Bhat and is made up of rice and lentils. Accompaniments generally include a variety of fresh vegetables such as potatoes and cauliflower. Traditional Nepalese food is often spicy, but you can usually specify how soft or hot you want it when ordering. You can try this traditional cuisine in almost any local restaurant, which is plentiful throughout the country.

3. Everest Mountain Flight Tours

Trip to India Nepal, if climbing the infamous mountain is not your forte, you can still contemplate its wonders and majesty by taking a scenic flight, which are offered by a number of different local airlines. All flights depart from Kathmandu between 7 and 9. They travel above the clouds, over snow-covered peaks, and observe the spectacular variety of lakes, glaciers, rivers and gorges below. Most of the aircraft used have transparent and colorless windows that allow excellent photographic opportunities. Surely you want to capture this view!

Travel to India Nepal, of all the countries located in South Asia, Nepal is perhaps the most amazing to visit. From an impressive terrain that practically invites you to explore friendly and colorful people who want to share their culture and traditions with visitors, a trip to this exotic land will surely attract, thrill and inspire even the most intrepid traveler. These are the tips which will give you basic information about what to expect from your visit to Nepal and will help you make the most of your incredible trip.

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