Training on Treadmill for Beginners

We have prepared the keys on treadmill training for beginners. TheĀ  treadmills are perhaps one of the most widely used machines in the gym or at home training facility that allows us to exercise ourselves doing cardio without having to go outdoors.

But beyond just being a good option to improve our cardiovascular conditions or for the minutes of warm-up prior to other routines, the tape offers us the possibility of a variety of exercises with which we can take advantage of its potential and greatly improve our performance . Go through the Treadmill review 2020 to choose the best treadmills for your workout.

Working with your heart rate monitor, modifying the speed, time and even the inclination of the tape we can achieve very complete workouts that can work in different areas of our body or simply challenge and turn our usual routines.

That is why we present below a list of the best trainings to run on tape that you can easily apply in your next session.

Preparation for 5 kilometers

This training consists of 10 weeks of sessions , performing three workouts per week with a rest day between each one, you will see how you improve your physical condition and you will be able to run a distance of 5 kilometers at a good pace. In this type of training it is better to rely on the pulsations indicated by our monitor and not on the mileage that the treadmill marks since these are usually somewhat inaccurate.

Warm up for 2 minutes walking and then 5 minutes of very soft jogging

  1. Run for three minutes at a medium pace and then accelerate to run another three minutes bringing your heart rate to 80%.
  2. After these three minutes, lower the speed of the treadmill to run again at medium speed for three minutes. Repeat the circuit accelerating and lowering the speed every three minutes to complete three repetitions.
  3. Run at a smooth pace for five minutes.
  4. Make a final five-minute series at 85-90% of your heart rate.
  5. Finish running at a smooth pace for ten minutes.
  6. Cool by walking for two minutes to regulate your heartbeat.
  7. In the second week of training instead of running five minutes at 90% of your capacity, you will run six minutes, and you will increase one minute during each week. At the end of the 10 weeks you will be running approximately 14 to 15 minutes at your maximum capacity, which means that you will be ready for a 5-kilometer race without problems.
  8. If you already master this distance and want to increase it or simply improve your time, we need to work the strength and endurance. Increase the inclination of the tape by 1%, which will give you a feeling more similar to the real race.

Slope Training

Doing a workout in which the inclination of the treadmill is varied is a good option to develop our resistance, but it will also help to increase the rhythm of our metabolism, which leads to it staying active for several hours after doing exercise, with greater calorie burning than with normal training.

To do a slope training you can follow the following plan:

  1. First you will have to warm up walking for 2 minutes at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  2. After those two minutes, start running with the treadmill completely flat and at a medium pace, for a time of 5 minutes.
  3. Increase the inclination of the belt by 4 or 5% (first check how the inclination is set on your treadmill) and run for 90 seconds at a pace fast enough to mean effort (85% of your capacity, breathing is done stronger and you won’t be able to articulate more than two or three words). After 90 seconds, return the tape to a 0% incline and reduce the step to a very soft jog to recover for 3 minutes.
  4. Perform this circuit 8 times, running at a rapid pace for 90 seconds with the treadmill tilted and resting with a gentle jog for 3 minutes in each series.
  5. Once you complete the 8 series, run smoothly and without inclination for 5 minutes.
  6. Finally, to cool, walk for two minutes.
  7. The complete training has a duration of 50 minutes, to be able to perform the slopes efficiently the rest is important, make sure that the 3-minute jog is smooth enough so that you can recover well and be ready for the next slope.

This type of training will not only prepare you to run the slopes, but will also help you improve your physical condition in flat races.

Rising slopes

This is a very effective type of training to gain strength / endurance. This will improve your racing pace and lower your times. We will play with the slope of the treadmill, gradually increasing it to take you to a greater effort.

  1. Start walking for two minutes to warm up.
  2. Run at a smooth pace for eight minutes.
  3. After this time the tilt of the treadmill increases by 1% and runs at a fast pace that means effort, a good sign that you have reached the right pace is that your breathing allows you to articulate about two or three words (no more). Run for a time of 5 minutes.
  4. Decrease the incline and jog or walk quickly for two minutes to rest.
  5. Increase the inclination of the treadmill again, this time up to 2% and run again at a rapid pace for 5 minutes.
  6. Decrease the inclination to jog or walk again for two minutes.
  7. Comes the most intense part of the exercise, tilt up again this time to 3% and running again as in the previous series for five minutes .
  8. Return the tape to a horizontal position and jog or walk for two minutes, then repeat the previous point again.
  9. Jog or walk for two minutes.
  10. Finally, run at a moderate pace for five minutes without any inclination on the treadmill.
  11. Finally walk for two minutes to cool.
  12. It is important that in each series of this training you control your heart rate, if you do not have a monitor, the tip we have given you before is quite effective. With this training you can improve your physical condition, since over time you will be able to run the slopes at a faster speed.


When we have an important career and we are training on tape it is also important download sessions. The following training focuses on running the slopes at a moderate pace and accelerating the pace while the tape is horizontal, the plan is as follows:

  1. Walk for two minutes to warm up, then run at a moderate pace for 8 minutes.
  2. Tilt the treadmill 3% and run 1,500 meters at a moderate pace (this time you will have to look at the distance indicated by the belt); lower the tilt of the treadmill to the horizontal position and run at a rapid pace with a maximum of effort for two minutes, then run at a moderate pace for one minute to recover. Repeat this circuit 3 times.
  3. To cool run at a smooth pace for two minutes and then walk for two more minutes.

Best Recommendations

A heart rate monitor or heart rate monitor will be your best ally during tape training; Since the mileage shown by the treadmills is not very accurate, it is best to base your performance on the times you train at a certain rate of pulsations, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Look here for the heart rate monitor that best suits your needs

Although tape training is an excellent option when weather conditions do not allow us to run outdoors or simply because it makes us more comfortable to go to a gym or train at home, it is always a good idea to go out at least once a week. to run outside so you don’t lose the sensations of the real ground.

If you are starting to practice running, it is appropriate to perform a routine medical evaluation that allows you to determine if you are fit for intense workouts or it is better that you stay in smoother and controlled rhythms.

The treadmill workouts that we have presented are designed to be made with a day of difference, that is, approximately three times a week, if your goal is also to tone your body, the days you do not exercise on the belt you can do workouts of strength, which will help you gain muscle mass and therefore a greater calorie burn.

Treadmills are really useful machines to improve our running performance through a controlled environment. Lead a more active lifestyle and improve your health from the ease of a treadmill.


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