Top Supplements and Their Benefits to Gamers

Some of the best supplements for gamers.

Learn about the best supplements for gaming.

Gaming and E-sports have proven to be intense mind games that require hours of extreme concentration which can wear out gamers both mentally and physically.

For this reason, a range of supplements has been specially designed to improve your cognitive and physical functions and ensure that you are at your best at every game.

Let’s first take a look at the benefits of taking supplements for gamers.

Working Memory
Working memory sometimes is referred to as short-term memory.  It is the secret to success in E-sports and gaming.  With the right supplements, you can easily retrace the recent steps taken in gameplay, recognize patterns, and ultimately have a competitive edge against other players.

Creativity gives you the ability to solve problems which in turn helps you win games.  In complex gameplay, it is common to find different solutions for the same game.  Some supplements help to promote creativity by giving you an ideal state of mind.

Mental Energy
Active and energized thinking is crucial for successful gaming, especially during marathon late-night sessions.  There are supplements that stimulate your brain cells, giving you a competitive boost.

Attention and Focus
Gaming requires maximum mental speed and intense concentration.  These can all be taxing to the gamer’s body and mind.  Once fatigue kicks in, it becomes very hard to maintain your focus.
The mind is easily distracted, especially during highly intense gameplay.  This will instantly put you at a great disadvantage as a gamer.  Some supplements have the ability to sharpen your focus and give you faster reactions during gaming.

Strategy Thinking
Strategy is everything, and strategy requires the ability to remember what’s happened and learn from it.  Some supplements have the ability to improve your memory and learning, among other essential cognitive processes.

Stress Resistance
A highly competitive and intense gameplay can raise your stress levels which, in the long run, can be counterproductive.  Some of the most effective supplements are able to increase your brain’s capacity to manage stress and facilitate logical and clear thinking even in very chaotic gaming scenarios.  Kind of a detox for the mind.

Here’s a list of 10 highly recommended supplements that will help gamers stay healthy, address their health issues, keep them in tip-top condition, and enhance and support their lifestyle.


Nootropics are so-called “smart pills”. Creatine, a nootropic, is known to improve reasoning skills and short-term memory.  Asian Ginseng and Bacopa Monniera boost moods while enhancing attention and focus.  Piracetam and choline may increase memory formation and acetylcholine uptake.

How Do Nootropics Benefit Gamers?  They enhance focus, increase energy, and improve memory.  They also accelerate reaction time while delaying fatigue.

How are Nootropics Taken?  They come as tablets, capsules or in powder form.  They are best taken with food.

Side-effects of Nootropics.  Though they are tolerated by a majority of people, there have been isolated cases of the supplements causing anxiety, vertigo, insomnia, and diarrhea.


Gamers spend countless hours glued to their computer screens.  This, unfortunately, means they have little time left to exercise or take good care of their nutritional needs.

How Do Multivitamins Help Gamers?  Multivitamins supplements help correct a number of shortcomings including vision, energy, metabolism, mood, muscle, and immunity support.

How are MultiVitamins Taken?  It depends on your personal preference.  They are more effective when taken with meals.

Multivitamin Side Effects?  Although rare, some people who have taken multivitamins with higher contents of minerals develop stains on their teeth and urinate more frequently.


Magnesium has more than 300 biochemical uses in your body.  A lack of adequate amounts of magnesium can lead to health issues, among them: muscle cramps and twitches, irritability, insomnia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), anxiety, migraines, constant headaches, chronic fatigue, constipation, obesity, asthma, and osteoporosis.

How Does Magnesium Benefit Gamers?  Gamers should be keen on taking magnesium supplements because it helps in nerve function, blood glucose regulation, protein synthesis, energy production, and nerve function.

How is Magnesium taken?  You can take it at any time.  Reducing alcohol intake will increase its efficacy.

Side-effects of Magnesium.  Exceeding the dosage may cause vomiting, stomach upset, and diarrhea.

Vitamin D

This is a type of vitamin that is fat-soluble.  Our bodies are able to utilize sunshine to make vitamin D and store it for use in the future.  However, vitamin D levels decrease during winter when you have less exposure to sunshine.  Staying indoors for prolonged periods of time also decreases the vitamin D levels in your body.

How Does Vitamin D Benefit Gamers?  Vitamin D helps gamers improve their muscle tissue leanness. It also reduces depression and, to some extent, increases your overall strength.

How is Vitamin D Taken?  You can take it at any time of the day, with or without meals, but it is better absorbed into your bloodstream when consumed with fat.

Side-Effects of Vitamin D.  Excessive intake of this supplement may cause headaches, weakness, and fatigue.

Vitamin A

They comprise carotenoids and retinoids compounds.  Retinoids are found in animal products while carotenoids are found in plants.

How Does Vitamin A Benefit Gamers?  Vitamin A is important for cell growth, vision, and maintenance of body organs such as kidneys, lungs, and heart—all essential to a gamer’s good performance.

How is Vitamin A taken?  It is best taken with meals.

Side-Effects of Vitamin A?  High doses can lead to fatigue, nausea, and irritability.


Amino acids found in the proteins are absorbed readily in the body system, thus supporting lean muscles.

How Do Proteins Benefit Gamers?  Proteins support the body’s immune system hence help to fight off long and short-term health problems.

Gamers are highly prone to weight gain due to their sedentary lifestyle.  Proteins are effective in helping gamers manage a healthy weight, including by providing satiety.  Intake of protein supplements is beneficial to gamers struggling with weight issues.  So keep to working out.

How are Proteins Taken?  Proteins are available in powder form, which can be added to smoothies or shakes and taken at any time, with or without other food.

Side-Effects of Proteins?  Depending on your metabolism, they may cause bloating or gas.

Joint and Bone Support Supplements

Joints are the connections between your bones.  They aid in support and movement.  If your joints are damaged as a result of injury or disease, your normal movement will be interfered with causing you to experience unpleasant pain.

There are various conditions that can make you have painful joints including injuries, gout, arthritis, sprains, and strains.

Joint and bone support supplements include herbal supplements, different minerals, a variety of vitamins, and healthy fats.

How Do Joint and Bone Support Supplements Benefit Gamers?  The most common joint pain areas are the knees, hips, and shoulders which, unfortunately, many gamers experience because of their sedentary lifestyle and lack of adequate exercise.  Supplements may help alleviate the pain.

How are Joint and Bone Support Supplements Taken?  It depends on the particular supplement in question.

Side-Effects of Joint and Bone Support Supplements?  Generally, the supplements are well-tolerated.


L-Theanine is a type of amino acid present in both black and green tea.  It has many uses among them treating high blood pressure and anxiety.

How Does L-Theanine Benefit Gamers?  According to researchers, L-theanine significantly reduces stress levels.  With the constant pressure that gamers are subjected to, L-theanine will help reduce their anxiety and make them feel more at ease.

How is L-Theanine Taken?  L-Theanine may be taken any time during daytime, before or after meals.

Side Effects of L-Theanine?  There have been reports of dizziness for some people.

Caffeine Supplements

Caffeine is basically a natural body stimulant found in various types of foods and drinks.

How Does Caffeine Benefit Gamers?  Using these supplements may improve a gamer’s mental performance.

How is Caffeine Taken?  Caffeine is best taken in the morning.

Side-Effects of Caffeine Supplements?  Excessive intake may cause dehydration, anxiety, and diarrhea.

Omega Fatty Acids Supplements

Omega fatty acids, especially omega-3, are essential for cell formation, and mental and heart health.

How Do Omega Fatty Acids Benefit Gamers?  They support a gamer’s cardiovascular and bone health.

How are Omega Fatty Acids Taken?  To enhance absorption, they are best taken before meals.

Side-Effects of Omega Fatty Acids?  Some people experience burps and fishy breath.  However, this is not common.

As years go on, gaming is becoming more and more popular. Remember, any types of supplements should be taking only after a discussion with your physician, and then at your choice and risk.