Top Luxury Watch Brands for Women in 2020

Luxury Watches

Every woman needs a signature watch that complements or in the best scenario, merely escalates her personality and unique style.  Women perceive a luxury watch as one of the most valuable accessories, and thus, elite watch brands continue to spew assets for encouraging this dogma. This is conspicuous in the lush parties and events conducted by the esteemed producers in the watch industry to showcase their resources.

Most women are usually inclined towards jewellery-styled watches, but the choices often alter according to the trend. If you are looking for the best brand to get your hands on to the perfect watch that suits your personality or wardrobe, delve into the watch brands mentioned in this article.


Rolex makes use of high-quality materials and technical components to ensure durability and precision of their watches. A Rolex watch can create a sincere style statement. Rolex watches can be of different metals, styles and finishes.  They sport trendy design and features that can complement any personality or occasion.


Beloved for their atypical silhouette and design, Cartier has its way to set off the wrists of women with its elegant styling. Cartier watches are svelte and light in weight that can render a classic touch to any wardrobe. Beautiful evening wear, accompanied by an exquisite Cartier watch on your wrist, can make you stand out of the crowd.


This upper-class watchmaker has been producing watches for years, keeping the basic desires of women in mind. The brand’s catalogue today consists of watches with reduced case diameters that cater to the ladies. There are also watches embellished with diamonds and typically, forged out of 18ct gold.

The trendy yet classic aesthetics of IWC watches can be an ideal addition for every lady.


If you love jewellery-styled watches, then Chanel is the perfect watch brand for you. Chanel watches feature beautiful motifs that include camellia flower patterns, bi-colour palette and tweed fabric. The classic look of Chanel timepieces is pretty feminine. But there are also Chanel watches for women who favour minimalistic, robust, unisex designs.


Women love diamonds, and this endearment will perhaps never fade with time. One of the top watch brands that aim to sustain women’ inclination towards diamonds is Chopard. It is usual to find a Chopard watch with diamonds dazzling behind the sapphire glass of the case.

The brand has a wide array of timepieces for women, and each watch exhibits the lure and elegance that can touch a woman’s heart. If you want to make yourself feel like a princess, strap a watch from this brand on your wrist.


This Swiss watchmaker produces technical watches that represent ingenuity. The brand has a unique watch collection for women that feature a slide rule markings encircling the outer face. They are functional and bear a more masculine spirit.

But these watches also ooze out an elegance that makes them perfect for women who love sturdy yet graceful aesthetics. A Breitling watch can be a reliable companion if you have an active lifestyle.

Vacheron Constantin 

Although it is one of the oldest watchmakers in the industry, do not make a mistake to consider the designs of the brand’s watches to be old fashioned. Vacheron Constantin makes watches that exude understated yet a contemporary feel.  The timepieces from this brand are perfect for women who want to look trendy, opulent and classy.


Another top watch brand for women in 2020 is Blancpain Unapologetically feminine, Blancpain watches typically flaunt Rose gold cases, diamond faces, mother-of-pearl dials, and lean hands. However, these watches do not shrink back when it comes to technicalities.

The brand furnished its watches with high-tech components like the symbolic moon-phase calendar on the dial. A Blancpain watch can create a bold, yet an eccentric look.


Piaget watches combine comfort and elegance perfectly. The brand’s ultra-slim timepieces feature a minimalistic look that is best represented by the Altiplano model. Piaget has a much broader range of watches to suit different styles, tastes and personalities of women.

Whether you choose an atypical oval-shaped Piaget or a diamond-embellished watch from the brand’s catalogue, it will magnify your personality and style with ease.

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