Top 6 Crossword Game in 2020 (Android)

Crossword Game

As puzzle games go, Crossword is one of the simplest and popular ones. They are not only brain teasers but at the same time, they make you learn new things. These types of word puzzles are an easy and efficient way to pass some time with enjoyment.

There are numerous apps that you could find in a snap of fingers on the play-store. Most of them are similar in many ways. Some are exactly like the other and are way too simple. They don’t serve the purpose of fun learning as they are way too basic.

However, there are few apps that top the list because of certain qualities like the interface, controls, complexity, and the type of questions it provides. Let’s look at some standalone for Android!

1. Bonza Word

What’s the most intriguing part about this one, which makes it get the top spot, is that you can design your own puzzle set, which is shareable with the Bonza community. The interface provided is quite nice, as well. It includes numerous free puzzles to play with, and you can buy more with in-app purchases.

2. CodyCross

This one has an incredible unique quality as per the crossword games go. It has a set of categories, so a puzzle revolves around that particular theme, which makes it much more fun to play as you can get puzzles based on the type of your choice. There are certain difficulty levels added to the game. There are tons of free puzzles, and more can be unlocked with tokens or other methods.

3. Crosswords with friends

As the name goes, you can figure it out easily what makes it the one among all others to choose. You can play this puzzle game to compete against your friends or AI or random people on the internet.

You solve one part of the puzzle and pass it off to your friend to solve another. It provides hits as per requirement. And the competitiveness makes it more fun to play, also the weekly challenges are an amazing time buster.

4. Cryptic Crossword

This one is the most user-friendly and customizable one like you can pinch-in to zoom or zoom out as per the convenience, also an answer checker system too and few other customizations. The game comes with 260 puzzles, which are enough to keep you busy for a while. It’s like the typical traditional crossword game.

5. English Crossword

It’s quite an ordinary type of crossword game. It comes with 400 offline puzzles, various themes with a hint system as well. It is typically based on US English, which is one thing to keep in mind as this will be quite helpful while going through the hints.

You also get achievement, cloud syncing and leader boards comes with some in-app purchases as well. To sum it up with this one, it’s another one of the traditional style crossword games which are simple and easy to play around.

6. ISTC Crossword Puzzle

The only one on the list with no in-app purchase, it has 400 offline puzzles for you to engage in. The intriguing part about this one is it has quite a few puzzles in Spanish as well as Portuguese. Other than that, it’s a modest game with tons of offline puzzles to kill your time just fine.

7. Word Cross:

The app developer of this game is ”we play word games”. It is active from 2017 and it entered the game world with more games after that. Among them, one of the best games is this which has 5m+ downloaders including me. It is a challenging game with 2000 different challenges and daily bonuses. However it has its own pros and cons, for example,

Pros: Suitable for all age groups.

Cons: Its technology is more basic as compared to its ad.

These apps are in the top lists in more than 15 countries. It is ranked with high points (4.6) and has about 84k reviewers.

8. Crossword Puzzle Free:

“Redstone” is a successful app developer which has 5 games in its portfolio currently including this. Google ratings lists this in the top 100 in more than 5 countries. Among those 5 games, this is the most popular one which has more than 1m+ installs and 87k+ reviewers who are happy about the app. Here are its pros and cons for example,

Pros: It has many good reviews and also issues are fixed through each update proving it to be beneficial.

Cons: The paid puzzles are rich in price and affordable too.


Thus, from the above listing of facts of each game in the top lists we can conclude with certain assumptions. Based on the category of people’s mindset games are to be chosen. For people with:

  1. Quality as priority – NY Times crossword
  2. Budgetary mind – ITSG crossword puzzle for free
  3. Vocabulary skills – CODY CROSS
  4. Connectivity with people – Crossword with friends
  5. Challenging – Word Cross
  6. Up To date – Crossword puzzle for free (Redstone)

Up you skills with the use of the random word generator to get the best results in your crossword game.

Marketing can promote a game but it is the game which finally brings people to it. Thus I hope my presentation would have made you clear about the top crossword apps which will attract you individually.