Website User Experience

Are you sure your website is well-designed and structured to allow your users to complete the actions that you desire in the shortest time? Is your website user-friendly? Are you looking to increase conversions and achieve results?

The user interface is an attribute that measures the ease of use of web interfaces. This is a way to make your web visitors more comfortable with the content and improve their interaction with it.

Your sales will drop or you will get complaints from visitors. As you know, make it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly. Usability is an essential ally in the conversion.

But what should you avoid when developing a search-optimized website? When designing and evaluating the usability of your web, there are many things to consider.

Here are 5 key concepts or 5 keys to help you make your web more user-friendly.


Navigation and Structure

You should provide the user with the fastest and most convenient way to access all pages on your website. This will allow them to find the information they need in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort.

Even if your website has all the information they need, users will still have trouble finding it if the structure isn’t adequate.

Research has shown that users won’t stay if they find the navigation design too complicated.

It is essential to provide visual assistance to visitors to help them understand what they need to do and give them information about where to go. You will lose potential customers and money if your conversion rate optimization (CRO) is not high.



A design that is both visually appealing and user-friendly is the challenge.

It is important to remember that every visitor must be capable of navigating your website just like they have done before, without any prior knowledge.

When redesigning a website, it is important to not forget the user experience and focus only on originality and aesthetics.

Your website must be as clear as possible. This will ensure that there is no confusion. To prevent confusion, the graphic line should be consistent and uniform across the entire site’s navigation.



Another key element that makes websites easy to use is readability. A website must be easy to understand and comprehend.

To reach an audience, your website must be accessible. These are some design elements that influence the “scannability” of a website:

  • Color. A website must have enough contrast between the background and text colors to make it easy to read.
  • Fountain. The easiest fonts are simpler. Fonts that are designed to mimic handwriting or contain special characters will be less easily scanned by the eyes. Experts agree that serif fonts are best for web design, while sans serif fonts can be used for print design.
  • Format. Formatting techniques like headings, bulleted lists, bold, line spacing, and line spacing should be used in the text. It is less likely that long, unbroken lines will be read than smaller chunks.


Charging Time

How long does your website take to load? You’ve neglected to consider load time when designing your website. Speedy sites improve user satisfaction and the overall quality of your website.

Most visitors will not wait if your website takes longer than ten seconds to load. Keep in mind that statistics show that the average user’s attention span is decreasing and not increasing.


Responsive Design

Your web project technology should not be a barrier or obstacle for your users and visitors. Keep in mind that not everyone uses the same browsers and operating systems.

Every website must function correctly on all platforms. It must also be adaptable. A responsive or adaptable design displays the web to the user according to the screen size. This ensures that every visitor has a pleasant browsing experience.


Is Your Website Person-friendly?

Are you sure your website is well-designed and structured to allow your users to complete the actions that you desire in the shortest time possible?

This is not an easy task. It requires analysis, experience, knowledge, and analysis. We at Digital Specialist have a team of professionals that will help you to make your website the most user-friendly possible.