Top 5 Cakes Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Cake

Any guesses as to how the wedding cake tradition started? This beautiful tradition began in Rome, where bread was torn over the head of the bride, and it was believed that it would bring good luck to the couple. Although the wedding cake business is still at its nascent stage in India, there is no limitation when it comes to designer cakes in Noida.

Slowly and steadily, we are moving away from the usual desserts and inclining towards wedding cakes. This is no more just a Christian tradition, couples from all across the community are seen cutting the cake at their wedding ceremony. CakenBake Noida is known for its excellent service of cake delivery in Noida.

We ran a quick scan through a variety of cakes that can be purchased at the time of the wedding, here is a list of Wedding Ceremony Cakes.

Fresh flower cake

Ever imagined that you could actually add fresh flowers to your wedding cake? Yes, you can do that, and there can be nothing better than that at your wedding. This is cost-effective, and the more your design is intricate, more beautiful the cake will look.

Metallic cakes:

This variety of cake is in vogue these days. It is because of their shimmery and lustrous nature that makes it perfect for a wedding. The cake is available in a variety of forms starting from glitter to patterns made of different metals. Beautiful flowers can be easily placed on the top of the metallic cake to make it look even more pleasant. This cake is perfect if you are following a particular theme, the color can vary from light pastel to dark golden, depending on the theme of the wedding.

Rose wedding cakes:

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear about the wedding? Yes, it is Roses. Red rose is the symbol of true love, and there is no better way to express your love for them with roses. This beautiful rose-themed cake will surely leave everyone awestruck. A two-tier cake, with fresh roses and daisies on top, is perfect for any wedding ceremony. The best combination that works in Rose wedding cakes is red and white. Cake made with a white base, and red roses on top will surely make you speechless.

Photo cake:

Are you looking for something that will make your wedding ceremony all the more exciting and unforgettable? Then, it is time to order a photo cake with the choice of your flavor and depict your love, care, and affection towards your loved one. Photo cake delivery in Noida has made it easy for all to order wedding cakes as per their requirements.

Customized Cakes:

Each and every wedding is based on a particular theme, and the customization of a wedding is got to be the aptest and creative way for an Indian wedding. It can be as simple as depicting Mr. and Mrs. On the cake, or it can also be something that symbolizes our culture and tradition.

As we are heading towards this latest trend, we can see that couples are spending a good time with the baker as they are seen spending with the florist, and the wedding planner. This process also involves proper briefing to the bakery team, ideation, and we can no longer see parents briefing on the same. Youngsters these days are firmly under the influence of social media and are taking inspiration from fashion trends all across the globe to make their D- day a memorable one.

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