Valentine’s Day

Brazil is acknowledged as the fifth biggest country after Russia, Canada, China and USA. Brazil covers beautiful monuments and continents, towering waterfalls, the Amazon river and lots of breathtaking things to view. If you are planning to visit this beautiful continent valentine holiday is the right time. You will find enormous beauty of Brazil you will not find elsewhere.

Best destinations to visit in Brazil.

1)  Christ the Redeemer Statue

Christ the Redeemer statue is recognized in the name of seventh wonders of the world. The iconic sculpture is very well designed to impress the tourists. Christ the redeemer statue is located at Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park at Rio. This one-of-a-kind statue is 30 meter tall located at the pick of Corcovado Mountain. This amazing sculpture is a divine symbol of Christianity. The main attraction is you have a chance to visit this statue very closely by the cog train. Experience the joyful ride at 700 meters distance through cog train. You have a great chance to see the exotic locations of National park, Sugarloaf Mountain and Gaunabara Bay.

2) Visit Iguazu Falls

It is one of the largest waterfall couple must visit to have helicopter view stand above the waterfall and enjoy the romantic drive. It is a best wonder of nature borders the countries of Argentina and Brazil. Brazil side offers an enormous view and allows the visitors to stand above the waterfalls and enjoy several time near the biggest waterfall. Buses are offered in every half n hour to reach there. Also you can take some boating under the water fall in Argentina side for unforgettable experience.  besides this you can also visit zoo called Parque Das Avas to enjoy watching flamingos, macaws, hummingbirds and some jaguars, pampas deer, toucans and many more.

3) Watch Samba Dance

Watch Samba DanciSamba is a very popular dance form of Brazil. Rio De Janeiro has various samba dance clubs built in the very old buildings. Clubs charges minimal entry fee and provide the stage to see samba dance. The samba bands in Lapa are the best Samba in the world played live with carnival marching and drumming. You can also join in to imitate some dance steps with your partner and enjoy spending the romantic night.

Watch Samba Dance

4) Go for a Rio Carnival

In Brazil February is a carnival month. Valentine celebration takes place in 12th june in Brazil. So you are no way wrong going in Brazil to enjoy the immense crowd in colorful costumes, dancing , drumming and marching  with live music. Rio carnival is an amazing experience you must not miss if you are planning to move Brazil. You can also hire some carnival costumes and relish the time with capturing special time.

Go For A Rio Carnival
5) Take Historical Walk

Olinda is a perfect place to run for a historical walk of Brazil. It is a UNESCO world heritage site that lets you know about the historical attractions and cultural attractions of Brazil. Also you can see the museums, galleries, churches and some local art work shop to take the memento with you. you are tired, visit some local bars to relax and drink the Brazilian wine.

So you are all set to enjoy the heavenly ride of Brazil here are the spectacular places to visit. Condition is to book the advance tickets of air and hotels. Most of the people rush to Brazil to view Brazil carnival and enjoy the enormous natural beauty. It’s a lifetime opportunity knocks your doors, go get it.

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