Top 10 Emerging Startups To Keep An Eye On Everyday-Use Gadgets

The rapidly growing IoT and AI industry have made our daily lives convenient within our homes as well as workspaces. It was only a few years back when we were introduced to smart lights that could be turned on through our smartphones. But with technological advancements, we have been able to experience so much more.

AI and IoT-enabled smart devices have transformed our homes and lives to smart homes and smart lives. You can now find smart vacuum cleaners, microwaves, voice-enabled speakers, etc, which not only consume low energy but also save energy costs significantly. Moreover, they require the minimum intervention of humans saving precious times in the busy lives of most people. Therefore, many startups and companies are in search of an experienced IoT app development company to build smart gadgets for daily use.

Top 10 Startups That Are Building Smart Gadgets For Everyday-Use

Many startups are leveraging emerging technologies to introduce innovative smart gadgets to ease our daily lives. Let’s take a look at the 10 best startups that are creating smart gadgets for everyday use.

  • Smartfrog

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Ireland, Smartfrog is a tech startup that uses IoT technology. Smartfrog focuses on making everyday-use objects more connected to the internet for users to access them at any time and from anywhere. The company has developed an affordable and easy-to-install home security solution for users to keep an eye on their homes or offices while away. There’s no minimum contract period and the prices start at €5.95 per month. Using the Smartfrog app, users can also connect up to 10 cameras, manage cloud-based video storage, and a Smartfrog Cam.

  • Mitte

Based in Germany and founded in 2015, Mitte is a startup that is facilitating safe drinking water with improved quality. The startup claims to provide hydration solutions that are not only good for humans but also for the earth. The startup offers two products which are Mitte Home and Mitte home Plus.

Mitte Home offers still and sparkling water using advanced filtration and remineralization technology. On the other hand, Mitte Home Plus offers drinking water with fewer impurities and all the minerals. It uses a distillation and remineralization technology to purify the water and add all minerals that other purifiers remove.

  • Facilio

Founded in 2017, Facilio is headquartered in Atlanta and handles operations in UAE and India. The startup leveraged artificial intelligence and IoT to consolidate data from the existing systems on the cloud. It enables property owners to control and manage O&M activities in real-time through its applications. It also enables them to engage with tenants, improve asset sustainability and life cycle performance, etc. Leading companies are already using Facilio to optimize over 30 million square feet of space globally.

  • Nuki

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Austria, Nuki offers a smart door lock for your smart home. The mission of the startup is to make smart access controls and uses mobile technology for its smart locks. Nuki works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. The smart lock automatically locks the door when you leave and unlocks it when you are back, without having to use your mobile device. It is also certified as a secure smart home product by AV-Test.

  • Lockly

Founded in 2015 in the US, Lockly is a startup that offers property tech cloud services and manufactures advanced smart locks. The smart locks built by the company have features such as a 3D biometric fingerprint scanner and PIN Genie technology.  Therefore, these advanced smart locks add to the security of your house and provide unprecedented access to authorized people. The Lockly Secure Pro is available in latch and bolt editions and can be monitored through your smartphone.

  • ZunRoof

Zunroof is a leading solar rooftop company in India, founded in 2016 by an IIT alumni. This startup claims to be a home-tech firm that generates solar power from rooftops to houses and provides control of each house appliance. The startup uses technologies such as virtual reality, IoT, image processing, and data analytics for the same.

The Zunroof app provides a free platform to homeowners where they ca upload rooftop images to have an optimal solar rooftop designed. The app uses the images to suggest an optimal system size, inclination, and positioning of solar panels considering the electricity requirements.

  • Spectroplast

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland, Spectroplast is one of the leading silicone 3D printing startups. The startup focuses on making life-saving products with a prime focus on the customized silicone healthcare products segment. The startup prints 3D, biocompatible, and certified silicones without using molds, thereby saving cost and time. It develops products for audiology & orthodontics, medical training models, consumer goods, etc.

  • ai

Founded in 2014, offers smart office desks, chairs, and other accessories. One of the best products of this startup is the Autonomous Kinn Chair that is a must-buy during COVID-19. The chair syncs with your body to provide structural support and comfort while working from home. The headrest of the chair also cradles the neck and head. The Kinn Chair is the must-buy product if you are suffering from back problems while sitting and working for long hours.

  • Minut

Headquartered in Sweden and founded in 2014, Minut is an IoT startup that has built a camera-less smart-home security device. Its product called Dubbed Point is a wireless smart home alarm that monitors the house without sing invasive cameras. Dubbed Point detects motion, tracks temperature, and monitors noise to sense unusual occurrences at your home. It sends instant alerts on your mobile if it senses something unusual. This product is definitely a must-have in your smart homes to increase the security of your house.

  • ai

Founded by two IITians in India, is an AI-enabled platform that automates manual tasks and simplifies workflows. The platform automates conversations, enhances customer experience, and reduces resolution time over various channels such as WhatsApp, Chat, Email, Social, and Voice. This startup aims to provide solutions for travel, education, banking, and e-commerce verticals. uses artificial intelligence to take into account previous conversations of the brand with customers and uses machine learning algorithms to automate the customer experience. It helps brands understand the queries and concerns of their customers and respond to them adequately. The startup also uses predictive analytics, natural language processing, feedback mechanisms, and algorithms.

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