It is important to understand the definition of what a spanner is before you can know how to choose them correctly. Spanners are hand tools that enable users to loosen, tighten and turn or twist bolts, fasteners or nuts.

There are many different types of spanners, which are usually referred to as wrenches in the United States, available for different size of bolts and nuts and it is vital to know which type of spanner you will require for your particular tasks prior to purchase.

Open-ended spanners

These spanners are the most common type of hand tool and come in two forms, with either just one or both ends being in the shape of a C. Open-ended spanners also come in different sizes and are most suitable for use in confined spaces when only the side of the nut or bolt is able to be accessed.  When this type of spanner is used, the direction will need to be changed after every turn.

Adjustable spanner

Anyone who does not already understand spanners may find an adjustable spanner to be the simplest choice of purchase for them as they can be used for many different sizes of bolts and nuts. A screw mechanism is used in order to decrease or increase the width of the jaw according to requirements.

Combination spanner

A combination spanner, as the name implies, is available in a wide array of different sizes and head types that have the ability to manage a variety of nut size types. Both ends are able to match the nut size.

Ratchet spanner

Tightening or loosening a nut is the main function of a ratchet spanner, but it also works back or forth and the user may have to pull the handle in one direction. Unlike some spanners the ratchet spanner does not have to be repositioned after every single turn.

Ring spanner

The ring spanner comes with an enormous advantage over some other spanners in that will not slip off and users can do the job without causing any damage. It is also very flexible, allowing users to get a perfect grip on the nut and position the handle as required.

How do you choose the best spanner set for you?

It can be tough to know how to choose the right spanner set for you with so many variations and options available. When setting out to purchase a spanner set there are a number of questions you will need to ask yourself such as the size and type of spanner you require, and there are some other tips that can come in useful.

It is important to consider the length of the spanner as this determines the amount of force that will need to be applied to the bolt, fastener or nut. Longer spanners produce more turning force or torque and are thus better suited to bigger bolts or nuts.

The width and thickness of the spanners also matter. A wider and thicker spanner head equals a stronger spanner and it is also important to consider the spanner quality, with most good spanners being made from steel or titanium.

It is crucial to follow these guidelines in order to find the right spanner for your particular needs. To find the best spanners for your needs visit  RS Online  today!

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