Traveling is a beautiful experience, but for it to be beautiful there’s so much planning to do, especially when you have a baby. It’s nothing less than making a blueprint.

A major part of preparing for travel lies with clothing. Finding the right clothes in terms of weather, climate, look, comfort, and more. And when you have a baby, you are left with so many questions. How many clothes, how many diapers? Are bibs required? How many clothes are sufficient?

Above all, you don’t want to overpack and carry luggage everywhere. So here are a few tips that will help you do it efficiently.

Layers: Layers are the most efficient way of packing for babies. If it’s too cold, then you can put on a shirt or t-shirt and then put on a romper. If it’s too hot, you can remove the romper. If you are just using the romper, then you can use the t-shirts for later.

Onesie: Onesies are great as it is suitable for summer and winter. For winter, you may just have to take baby cardigans or sweaters or hoodies based on how cold the place is.

Socks: Always take an extra pair of socks. However, unlike clothes, you need one pair for every day as you can reuse it.

Night clothes: Pyjamas or sleep suits are your best bet. You can also use sleep suits/ zip suits in the day. You can match it with a beanie and your baby all set.

Bibs: Take a bib along with you at all times if you know you’re going to have food. That keeps the clothes clean and lets you reduce the number of times you need to change clothes.

Footwear: Not a lot! Don’t take many that match the clothes you are going to wear. Take only the necessary footwear based on how old your baby is. In general, not more than three pairs. Some people can manage a whole trip with just one set of comfortable shoes. Even if you need shoes, you can always buy it wherever you are going.

Take plastic with you: Plastics are a saviour when you have a baby, and you are on tour. You need it to keep the soiled clothes without making a mess. Carry medium size bags. You can also put a set of clothes in it so that you can quickly shift it to the diaper bag the day you need it. Ensure you take out the air when you lock the plastic bag, so it takes less space.

Diapers: Take only the amount required to travel and the first day there. You can buy diapers there if you’re going to a city or town. If you are going to trek or hilly areas and are not sure if there will be shops to buy, then take more diapers with you. You can also use cloth diapers.

First aid bag: Carry a first aid bag along that caters to you and also to your baby. If you have specific allergies or medications, carry it for all the days you will be needed. You may never know you might not get it in the place you are going to. It’s better to not risk with medications.

That’s how you pack for a baby! Generally, it’s best to go with one pair of clothes for the day and one set of clothes for the night. If you are following this, then you have to take 2-3 sets extra. Some parents like to take two sets for the day and one for the night.

For comfortable clothing, go for Organic cotton fabric that is soft and chemical-free on the skin. You can use Organic cotton clothes inside and match it with a sweater if it’s cold. For summer, cotton is the best material for babies as it helps in absorption Makes sweat, and keeps the skin dry. Comfortable clothing is a priority because we don’t want babies who are irritated and crying because of uncomfortable clothes. It’s better if you use washed clothes and not go for new ones. Even if they are new, you can wash it once before use as they make it a bit softer.

Make decisions based on the climate and weather conditions of the place you are going to.

Happy touring!

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Andrea Micheal

I am Andrea Micheal, a renowned counsellor in Australia. I am also working for Tiny Twig, an organic clothing brand. I believe mental health is as important as physical health, and there has to be more awareness. My blogs are from my personal experiences and encounters that will help people understand mental health, and it’s aspects better.


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