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There are many individuals who prefer going to well-known universities and earn their degrees. There is no doubt that you earn a reputable degree, but you have to  pay a high amount of fees for the same. And if you are good observer, you will note that there are definitely some skills which you do not get to learn or explore in these courses .

Here are some skills which no business school will teach you but they are pretty much necessary for your growth-

Envision your future

The best way to secure you is to have a clear idea of what you what in  future for yourself. It is only then you can select a path which leads you to your destination. Athletes are the best example and if you ever get an opportunity to meet an athlete trainer then you will notice that they use the same trick  during their training.

A similar technique is applied while for your business- plan your activities well in advance and take decisions accordingly. This way, you will visualise different business opportunities, circumstances and get familiar with them. For instance, initially you will search options and the right sources to bring in finance, maintain cash flow finance, plan effective marketing strategy, etc.


Failure is an essential part of business and personal life too. Because, many people don’t know how to handle it and end up in worse situations. Your business school definitely teaches you tactics to keep business going but there are unpredictable situations which you believe to be a dead end.

But, in reality they are just a phase in your business where in you have to be strong enough to deal with changing market scenarios. Self-compassion is one technique which can bring you out of such situations. Not giving up on yourself and speaking out your mind to your mentor or a friend can really keep you going.

Patience and believe in yourself

We have a habit of acquiring results instantly, be it noodles or income. Your business school might also teach you to take decisions quickly because opportunities do not come your way again.

But, there are situations wherein you have to stay calm, composed until the right opportunity comes your way. One of the best examples for this is when you are hiring employees for your firm. Trust your instincts and yourself.

You are urgently in a need of an employee for a particular post but you do not want to hire someone who is inappropriate for that particular post. So, start the process slow, determine your requirements and evaluate traits of the candidate whether they are suitable for the post or not.

You write your own story

Do you think anyone told Steve Jobs ‘hey bro, you are going to own one of the biggest businesses in the world one day!’ No.

It is you who has to make things work for yourself and move ahead. Believe it or not, you have got to believe in yourself otherwise no one else will either. If you are determined to reach a specific goal and positively work for it, ignoring all the hurdles in your way, you will certainly achieve them with hard work and perseverance.

On the other hand, if you keep counting hurdles on your way then you will never even walk half-way to your destination. This is because you are engrossed in searching all odds in the situation. Everyone has flaws but one should not restrict oneself from attaining your target.

Gratitude and appreciation

Dealing with situations becomes comparatively simpler when you start accepting them as they are. If your business has poor sales there is no point complaining about it instead you should search for different ways to increase sales or the root cause of poor sales.

This will eventually lead you to possible outcomes or opportunities which you could not notice earlier. You cannot expect a change overnight but you surely will notice it gradually and the process will make you happier.

Peaceful mind

Today, everyone’s busy in their own business (or at least pretends to be.) But, our mind needs rest and adequate time to refresh our thought process. Entrepreneurs’ multi-task several activities which is exhausting and hence they need frequent breaks. This will give them a moment to re-evaluate their goal and path. In midst of this, you might just come across a new possible course of action.

Therefore, you should not constantly think about a particular goal because you will get exhausted and eventually lose interest in your project. This is why you should sit with a fresh mind if you wish for a constructive outcome for your business activities.

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