A view of New York.

Living in New York City is what a lot of people dream of. This is truly a city that everyone can learn to love even though it is big and wild. And Manhattan is the most popular part of New York. Most of the pictures you see online were taken in Manhattan. This is also one of the most beautiful parts of New York City. These high-rise buildings with luxury apartments can be seen from every part of New York. This means that living here allows you to see the whole NYC skyline. And who wouldn’t want that? If you figured that buying a luxury condo in Manhattan is the right thing to do and that it is something that you can afford, I am here to tell you some of the things that you must know before you actually go out and invest in a luxury condo.

Prices of condos in Manhattan

One of the things you must know before you even start thinking about buying a luxury condo in Manhattan is how much this is going to cost you. And you probably already know that real estate is very expensive in New York and that not everyone can afford it. The median home price for a home in Manhattan is just around one million dollars. But this is also considering the small townhomes that aren’t so luxurious. As we are talking about luxury condos here, you can expect to pay a couple of million dollars. And this is not something a regular person can afford. You need a lot of money in order to actually purchase a luxury condo. Plus there are a few other things to have in mind that are also going to be an expense such as taxes and bills and you must also be prepared for moving here which is another expense that you need to cover.

If you really want to live in a luxury apartment but you don’t have this much money to purchase one in New York City, consider some other cities nearby or a different part of New York.

A lot of dollar banknotes you will need when nuying a luxury condo in Manhattan.
In order to invest in real estate in Manhattan you are going to need a lot of money or a huge loan.

Where to search for luxury condos in Manhattan?

Not a lot of people know where to actually find these luxury condos for sale in Manhattan. You can find them online among plenty of other listings for homes in Manhattan. But the best way to find a luxury condo is to hire a real estate agent. If you have the money for the condo, you must also have the money for a real estate agent. And this is also the best way to actually find a good apartment that suits your needs. Manhattan or NYC-based real estate agents know a lot about apartments and condos and they will help you find the best one.

A real estate agent can also tell you a lot more about whether a certain apartment is good-quality or not. There are plenty of luxury condos in Manhattan and choosing the right one can be tough. That is where your real estate agent comes in handy. He will tell you all you need to know about the condo and whether its price is going to increase or decrease over time considering plenty of things that you might not even know.

A real estate agent.
Hire a real estate agent if you want to find a luxury condo that suits all your needs.

Which neighborhoods are the best?

As you are buying a luxury condo in Manhattan, you probably want to be located somewhere where you will have everything you need nearby. And you also want to have the best views from your condo. I have some suggestions for you. 

The Upper West Side is one of the best places in New York to live in. It is located just a crosswalk away from Central Park. This is where you will love spending time with your family. Living near Central Park is the best when you have pets and children.

Lower Manhattan is one of the most urban parts of New York. The Broadway street goes through Lower Manhattan. Soho is a neighborhood just next to Lower Manhattan and it is also a great neighborhood to live in. You’ll find everything from supermarkets and restaurants to local shops and bookstores here. This is also where I would suggest living if you are working in the Financial District because they are very close to each other.

Bear in mind that Manhattan is very big and that there are a lot of neighborhoods. You have to know exactly what you are looking for and what you need in order to pick the perfect neighborhood for you

A view of Manhattan.
There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods to choose from.

Is buying a luxury condo in Manhattan a good idea at all?

A lot of people actually wonder whether investing these huge amounts of money in real estate is a good idea. Think about it, for the price of one luxury condo in Manhattan you could purchase a couple of houses in many other states. So, is this a good investment to make?

I’d say that it is for plenty of reasons. The number one reason would be the fact that real estate prices are getting bigger and bigger every year, especially in New York. New York is a place where everyone wants to live in and owning such an expensive real estate property can only make you richer one day.