Update WordPress 5

WordPress 5 has been released with lots of new features that can improve your website experience. You can upgrade to WordPress 5 and enjoy all the features. Also, the new editor code is named Gutenberg that allows you to add new posts and pages to your content. It will provide lots of benefits for WordPress users in long term. But some people are also facing some issues with their WordPress page after upgrading to 5. You need to know few things before updating to WordPress 5. If you want to enjoy all the features without any issues you need to know some of these things. You can create a beautiful website using WordPress.

Update Plugins

Updating plugins can improve your WordPress features and improve the experience of your WordPress website. Lots of plugins are being released for new WordPress. If you want to enjoy the new WordPress 5 without any bugs it is recommended to update all your plugins before updating so you can have a better experience and enjoy the benefits of new features.

Update Your WordPress Site 

It is also recommended to update your site before updating to new WordPress. Your old site has all the data and information stored and you don’t want to lose any of it. In some cases, you might lose all your data after updating to new WordPress. Once you update your site you can Upgrade your WordPress and restore all the data in the new WordPress.

Update PHP 

Updating your PHP to the most suitable version of your WordPress will make sure that you can enjoy a bug-free experience on your site. Updating to the latest PHP service will help you to improve your website loading speed and will also improve the security of your site. It is very important to keep your website secure and quick for a better experience. Updating to the newest PHP will improve the performance of your WordPress site so make sure to update it before updating WordPress.

Staging Your Site 

Staging can help you a lot. You can create a copy of your website and make changes to it without affecting the real site. You can make any change on your site and it will remain separate from your real website. You can use a plugin to make a copy of your site. No one else can view your site other than you. Once you are done upgrading your site you can move the entire site to your real site. All the changes you make on your staged site remain there without changing anything on your real site.

Keep a Copy of Your Real Site 

You can take a screenshot of some important details or pages of your site so just in case if you feel like that your site is not the same anymore after updating to new WordPress you can check if anything changed. This will help you to compare your old and new sites after the update. Some designer often faces this issue and thinks that their site is changed after upgrading to new WordPress. To overcome your fear and losing your data and old information keep a copy of your previous site to keep an eye on the changes.

Log of All Changes

Keep a log of changes you are doing to your site so just in case anything goes wrong you will know the cause of the problem. If you are updating to the new plugin or adding a new plugin to your site keep a log of it so after the update you can see if there are any changes on your site that might be affecting your website performance. Keep a separate file of all your plugins the old and new ones so you can see which plugins need to be updated for better performance. If any plugin is causing an issue, you can either remove it or change it with a new one.

Updating your WordPress might be confusing and scary for some people because they might think that they will lose everything from their site. But this is not the case if you follow the rules and keep a check on every change you made you will never lose your important details even after the update. Run a test after you are done updating your WordPress. Don’t be afraid of updating your WordPress if you do everything right you won’t lose any of your information and updates of your site. If you face some bug issue with your site, try to clear the cache of your site and upgrade your plugin. All the above mention points will make sure that you don’t face any issues before updating your WordPress to the newest version. You can design some cool websites using WordPress and free plugins available. Upgrade your site and give your viewers a better experience.

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Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

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