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The World’s Most Romantic Destination

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Be it the beautiful ice-capped mountains, the glass like lakes, or the lush green meadows; Switzerland has it all to be the picture perfect fairyland. So Dubaites, it is easy to fall in love with the spectacular charisma of this celebrated nation.

Such is the fame, and the hype, that it is a must visit place for many a traveler. Is it a chance worth ignoring if Dubai to Switzerland holiday package cost you just AED 4999 with free visa and additional coupons?

Switzerland has borders with France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein. All these places are connected by train; therefore, it is very convenient to make surprise visits too.

The Swiss Alps Tour Package:

This is one of the best tour packages from Dubai to Switzerland. One needs a week to soak oneself in nature’s glory and disconnect from the fast-paced world. The serenity and the calmness helps one realize the fleeting nature of life.

On day one, you arrive in Zurich. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest and most populated city. The airport has a shopping mall inside. A cruise on the Lake Zurich is healing. It offers many scenic viewpoints and there are many lakeside villages where one can hope to get the first-hand experience of Swiss life.

The 12th-century castle in Rapperswil town takes one back to medieval times. Zurich is a global center for finance and banking and has expensive shopping avenues too. The Soccer fan’s absolute delight would be a visit to FIFA world football museum. This museum is built with an area of 32, 500 square feet and encompasses everything about football.

There are small mountains in the city where hiking is allowed. One can either enthrall self in the panoramic views of the city and the great Alps or satiate the adventure spirit. There are many hilltop restaurants that can be reached via cable cars.

The city is interlinked via funicular railway namely the UBS Polybahn and the Rigiblick. When in Zurich, this ride shouldn’t be missed. On day two, one gets to travel to the city of Lucerne. Lucerne is a medieval city. It is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and has pristine lakes.

The city has many towers, and a hunt for some treasure lingers in your mind. The most important attraction is the Chapel Bridge. This bridge is the oldest bridge in Switzerland and dates back to the 14th century. Another unique feature is the roof of the bridge covered with paintings.

The Pilatus Mountain has restaurants and hotels at the summit. The Rigi Mountain is part of the Alps and is surrounded by water bodies on three sides. Here hiking, skiing, and sledding are permitted. On day three, it is time to visit Bollywood’s favorite place in Switzerland: Interlaken. Interlaken is a resort town and has sweeping mountains, grassy parks, and shopping centers. The lakes here have distinctive emerald-colored water. It also has an amusement park for kids.  Jungfraujoch.

Jungfraujoch is 3454 meters above sea level. The icy air and breathtaking views leave an impressing memory. The Eismeer station is so icy and gives one a feeling of the ice age. The ice palace has many artistic carvings and if melted they are remade by the undeterred art lovers.

The snow fun park is another popular attraction. Here one can try all sorts of winter sports like skiing, sledding or simple play dashing snowball into one another or make a snowman. Anything Swiss is incomplete without chocolate. So there is the Lindt chocolate heaven even on top of Europe. Other attractions are the Alpine sensation – showcasing the miners’ efforts in creating the railway tracks in such high altitude and the Sphinx Observatory.

All these already make Dubai to Switzerland holiday package genuinely awe-inspiring. However, there is more. On day 4, one gets to visit Mount Titlis near the capital city of Bern. Here one gets a chance for a ride in the world’s first rotating cable car: ‘Icy Flyer’. The experience is similar to flying over the glaciers.

There are glacier caves, suspension bridges, and many restaurants and shops. Then on the way back to Zurich, one visits the Rhine falls. It is the largest waterfalls in Europe. On day 5, though difficult, one has to wrap up and fly back home. The tour packages from Dubai to Switzerland come with offers like free visa and additional cash coupons too.

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