Live Streaming on Social Media Platforms

With each passing year, we are moving more towards digitalization. Since inception, social media has completely taken over the internet industry and various social media networks have evolved rapidly. Marketers are inclining towards digital solutions to expand their reach and establish itself in the strategic market. Nowadays, live streaming has become the latest tool for planning marketing strategies. There are various live streaming social networks available on the internet that allows brands to live broadcast their event and engage audiences in real-time, resulting in a customer-brand relationship that converts into brand loyalty.

Many brands are opting for Facebook online video streaming services to notch higher in the digital marketing game. Live webcast on YouTube, Live streams on Instagram live and live webcast on periscope even serves the purpose.

Live streaming has marked its presence and is tempting brands to opt for live streaming solutions. The latest advancement in technology is one such cause of increased use of live streaming social networks. Live streaming is readily available on mobile platforms, which makes it easy for customers to catch the live broadcast, at anytime from anywhere around the world.

Whether you are stuck in traffic or busy in a family function, live streaming is easy to catch and get the valuable insights and updates of any brand.

Live streaming has allowed brands to connect with the audience emotionally. It helps them in attracting the potential target customers in the most innovative ways and leverage their brand.

Live streaming allows the brand to share its journey of ups and downs with its customers. The raw insights of the brand, make their customers valued and build a sense of trust among them. The authentic look of the brand holds the customer’s interest more than ready to go in front of camera actions.

Converting leads and boosting sales while building a loyal fan base for a brand, is the major agenda of any marketing strategy. Understanding the dynamics of live streaming is equally important to benefit from the same. If you have not yet tuned in to live streaming game, now is the time to go live. Select the best live streaming social network that suits the needs and demands of your business or brand.

Some Says In Which Live Streaming Is Used To Leverage Any Brand:

Live streaming has been growing enormously in the current digital era. It is counted as one of the most powerful tools to boost the sales for any brand. Live streaming on social networks helps any brand to stay ahead of the competition.  

Here Are Some Ways In Which Brands Can Benefit From Live Webcasting: 

1.Launch a product or give a demonstration of a product 

Live streaming helps the brand to launch a new product in the market or demonstrate the use of any specific product. It makes it easy for brands to reach millions of active users around the globe. People tend to enjoy video content more than any other medium of advertising. Videos are fun to watch and engage the audience more than generic social media posts.

  1. Conduct Q&A sessions

Brands can organize Q&A sessions during live streams. It allows customers to ask questions from the brands directly. Brands can conduct live polls and contests to get a general overview of customers during the live stream. Q&A sessions allow customers and brands to interact directly. It drives traffic to the live stream while engaging audiences for a longer duration.

  1. Webcast live events of the brand 

Events are a part of the marketing strategy. Every brand organizes events as a part of the marketing strategy. Streaming live during the event allows customers, who are not physically present at the event, to tune in and watch the event. It increases the brand reach. Broadcasting live events makes it easier for brands to connect with a wider audience base globally.

  1. Rollback the camera for raw insights 

The audience enjoys the raw content, it makes them feel valued and build trust in a particular brand. Authentic live video content grabs the audience’s attention quite quickly. A sneak peek of, behind the curtain scenarios through live stream helps any brand to gain more audience engagement.

Some Key Points That Make Live Stream Successful:

Live streaming has proved to be a boon for brands in the current digital era. Some key factors are responsible for the success and failure of live streams. Let’s have a look at some key points that the brand should keep in mind while streaming live.

  1. The objective of the live stream should be clear in mind 

When a brand opts to stream live on social media networks, they must be clear of their objective of streaming live. The motive of live video content is to attract and engage the audience until the video lasts. A focused video content that has a clear objective and is well aware of its target audience is likely to benefit from live streams.

  1. Maintain the consistency of your live streams

Once a brand starts streaming live, it is essential to maintain the consistency to hold the audience. A brand that is consistent in its live streams holds an audience eye and they wait for the brands to go live.

3.Boost real-time interactions 

Brands that don’t conduct real-time interactions during live streams are left behind in the digital game. Two-Way Communication between a brand and the audience holds their interest. Social networks allow brands to boost real-time interactions and give them a platform to use various interactive tools that holds audience attention and increase their interest in live streams.

  1. Video Quality is essential while streaming Live

The quality of video content plays a major role in live streams. A clear video will engage more audience when compared to blurry or buffering video content that loses audience interest in the live stream. Checking the sound and video quality before streaming live is always a bonus.

Let’s go through some popular live streaming social networks that helped various brands in expanding their reach: 

  1. Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks that has billions of active users globally. Brands are opting for Facebook online video streaming services to expand their reach and build awareness for its brands. Facebook live video streaming solutions have helped various brands to build a loyal customer base and boost their sales leads. Live stream on Facebook Live has made it easy for the brand to put there message across and reach millions of users at a single point of time without any geographical restrictions. Facebook allows brands to use Facebook live stream on the website to generate more traffic.


To stream live on Facebook, just click the button “go live” and you are ready to go. Facebook webcasting providers allow the brand to save the life stream which can be shared on other social networks. It helps in attracting new audience base from where they are. The Facebook live broadcast has played an effective role in connecting the brand to its target audience. The latest advancements in the Facebook live streaming solutions will help any brand to leverage. 

  1. YouTube

YouTube is the oldest platform that clicks in one’s mind when we talk about watching video content. Moving ahead with the current dynamics of marketing, it offers YouTube video streaming solutions that benefited various brands. A YouTube channel that has 100 or 100 plus subscribers can live webcast on YouTube. Some brand has well established itself on YouTube and has a channel running for years, which makes it easier for brands to live stream on YouTube live.


YouTube broadcast videos slightly play for a longer duration when compared to any social media network. With the current trend of live streaming solutions, YouTube live streaming service provider has worked on its algorithms to help the brands in the current era of digitalization.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms amongst the gen-next. Live webcast on Instagram has made it easier for brands to connect with their audience globally. If the target audience for any brand is gen Z, streaming live on Instagram is the best decision. Brands can attract a large number of the audience during a live stream on Instagram live. Live streams appear at the top of the feed, where the story displays with a red highlight that catches the audience’s attention quite quickly. Some potential customers fail to catch the live stream on Instagram live, due to hectic office chores or unplanned schedules.


The Instagram live streaming service provider allows brands to save the live streams and share it with other social media networks, allowing the audience to catch it later. Instagram Live broadcasting services have played a major role when we talk about live streaming solutions.

  1. Periscope

Periscope was the first to introduce live streaming in 2014. Periscope is associated with twitter which allows periscope streams to be shared on twitter to engage more audience. Periscope has own set of audiences. The brand who plans to live webcast on periscope is well aware of its target audience. Live webcast on periscope, started the digital game of live streaming which is currently prevailing in 2019.


There is no doubt that Live streaming is here to stay. Live streaming is increasing its presence with each passing year. The battle is on between social networks, more and more live streaming social networks are coming in existence. Which platform wins the race, is yet to be seen. 

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