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Are you someone who likes to stands out the crowd and grabs everybody’s attention? Are you someone who adores uniqueness and beauty than Moldavite jewelry is the best choice for you.

Gemstones are the natural creature of beauty and elegance they add charm to your personality.

Every gemstone has some or the other unique properties within themselves so do with Moldavite gemstone its healing properties will add serenity to your life.

In this article we will let you know about some of the mystical properties and how to care for and clean your beautiful Moldavite gemstone jewelry .

Let’s start with the origin of Moldavite jewelry.

History of Origin of Moldavite

Moldavite was created as a result of a massive meteoroid collision in Central Europe about 15 million years ago. Moldavite is a naturally vitreous gem that is also referred to as “vltavin” or Bouteille Stone.

Because of its light-to-dark green hue and vitreous luster, moldavite is highly prized all over the world. Typically, it has a rough, scarred surface that is highlighted by bubbles and whirls. Although moldavite with a transparent look is prized and beautiful, it can also be found with a semi-transparent or translucent appearance.

TTMines for moldavite are typically found in Western Moravia, Lusatia, Waldveirtel, and Northern and Southern Bohemia. According to scientific studies, the earth’s crust contains roughly 275 tonnes of gem-quality moldavite.

How To Measure The Value Of Moldavite Jewelry?

Basically, Moldavite are valued and prices on three main factors and that are:-

  • Grade

  • Size

  • Colour

The basic grade Moldavite are more saturated and has darker green shade with a closely spaced pitted or weathered surface. As the regular colour of Moldavite gemstone is green , they come in variety of green such forest , deep as well bluish green. People who love the colour green or who are close to nature will always love to explore the shades of Moldavite jewelry says rings, pendants , earrings.

Special note :- If you ever come across a moldavite item of jewelry, such as a stunning moldavite ring or a sparkling moldavite necklace, with a light and pure shade of green and without a color of brown, just take it.

Not only the regular Moldavite but the high quality, museum-grade Moldavite is also adored or loved by people who are fond of adding unique and beautiful jewelry in their closets. Moldavite jewelry is an example of divine beauty as it comes directly from nature with aesthetic touch in it. It can be found in various shapes and patterns depending on its origin. While the majority of stones are traded and bought in their natural states, only the finest and highest-quality stones are faceted.

Common shapes include the oval, disc, drop, elliptical, spiral, and splash. Bohemian moldavite is elongated or drop-shaped, while Moravian moldavite is spherical in shape.

Mystical Properties Of Moldavite Jewelry

Like every other stones, Moldavite have some of the unique healing properties which benefit people so much. It helps you to transform your personality and add charm to it .

Let’s discuss some of the healing properties of Moldavite jewelry.

The Stone Of Transformation.

Moldavite gemstone is famous for its transformation property as in it helps to attract the positive energy in your life by eliminating the negative energy.

The transformation powers of Moldavite gemstone helps a person to transform him/her right from physical well-being to mental and emotional well-being. The ‘’stone of transformation “ helps you to kick start your new life have a new beginning gives you a boosts to live a better life leaving behind you unworthy past experiences, guilt or regret.

Association of Heart Chakra

Moldavite gemstone promotes the heart chakra of the human body. The stone eliminates all the negative energy such as envy, greed , jealousy, and hatred and fullfill the heart with full of positivty and divine energy, turn you into a good human with purity. Adorning yourself with a moldavite necklace that runs through your heart, works miraculously to purify the heart and the soul.

Third-Eye Activation

The third-eye, hidden right behind at the middle of the forehead, typifies unparalleled intelligence and the highest level of self-awareness that a person can attain in his life. Wearing moldavite jewelry helps you unleash the magical and the divine power of the third eye. It leads to a sharp surge in the intuition as well as a strict control upon the external desires of mind.

Spiritual Awakening

Spirituality is something which keeps you close with universe and intimates serenity in your life. Moldavite jewelry not only drives you towards the spritual awakening but also clean and purify your soul .

It helps to raise or increase you concentration or focus power and connects you with your soul more deeply.

People who are into doing spiritual and meditation activity like kriya , yoga Moldavite gemstone is very beneficial to them specially as keeping the stone near them while doing this they may experience a spiritual awakening. The Moldavite ring will suit best for this purpose.

How To Know Which Moldavite Gemstone Is Real Or Fake?

Everything has in this world has brighter as well darker side as well same goes with the world of jewelry market. If there are real and genuine gemstones present than there is fake ones too. The manipulation of gemstones is very obvious you need to keep in mind some points before buying them .

So, whether it is the opal, turquoise, moonstone or any other beautiful and divine gemstones the fake jewelry players have left no stone to be unturned in fooling the people who are obsessed with buying jewelry with fake and low-quality gemstones.

Don’t worry this article will let you know which jewelry or gemstone you should buy to avoid getting trap into such malpractices.

Authenticity Factors That Will Protect You From Buying Fake Moldavite.

Color Grading: Faux moldavite jewelry can be brilliant green, yellow, blue, or red in color. Genuine moldavite is often green in color.

Texture: Moldavite contains irregularities and flaws on its surface, just like other gemstones do. If you came across a piece of moldavite that had a perfectly flat surface, it was 100% bogus.

Source of Supply: South Bohemia is where 99% of the moldavite is extracted. Consider it a fraud if the seller states that the moldavite was brought from Africa or even from the surrounding regions near Bohemia.

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