back Pain

In today’s fast-paced world, any ailment of the body becomes a major setback for those who are constantly on the move to achieve greater heights in terms of success.

This holds true especially for any kind of a pain in the body. Such pain becomes a difficult obstacle on your path to success as it considerably causes problems in mobility and agility. It becomes a constant source of agony and helplessness.

At some point in time, all of us have suffered from various bodily injuries and accidents which have caused us pain. That is why it is not difficult to understand how difficult life can get when you suffer from pain in any part of your body.

Moreover, in today’s rat-race for success, no one has the time to go for majorly invasive surgical procedures as a solution to the pain. This is mainly because of the long time required for recovery and rehabilitation that is required to ensure the initial strength and stability is restored to the body. So, here’s a solution to all the painful problems that are holding you back from doing the best you can.

This organization provides solutions to all your pains. They specialize in orthopedics and provide minimally invasive solutions for pain in elbows, hand and wrist, feet and ankle, neck, hips, knee, shoulder, spine and the like.

They are especially known for their services in the fields of interventional orthopedics and sports medicines. This organization operates under Dr. Venkatesh Movva who was fellowship trained in Sports Medicine and was board certified in Pain Management and is certified by American Medical Association (AMA), American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), National Academy of Sports Medicine and many other bodies.

They specialize in Knee Replacement treatment and knee replacement procedures through minimally invasive surgeries. They have proven to be very efficient in dealing with ailments like arthritis, instability, injuries to the muscles, Baker’s Cyst and many more.

These services are provided on the lines of interventional orthopedics.

They also specialize in Sports and Exercise Medicine. They aim at providing patient-centered care with the help of specialized training and the latest non-invasive therapies.

The focus is on acute as well as chronic sports injury conditions. They also provide special services for the preventative intervention and a number of other therapies. The organization provides services like injury evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, rehabilitation, knee pain treatment, exercise prescription, nutrition counseling and the like.

This organization also specializes in stem cell therapy. For those who are not already aware of it, stem cells are the cells responsible for the healing of injured bone, ligaments, tendons and tissues. With age, the capacity of the stem cells to repair wear and tear reduces considerably.

Through their expert services, this organization helps to deliver a high concentration of stem cells into the injured area and aiding the body’s ability to heal naturally. In this procedure, patients experience very little downtime.

This helps in avoiding the long and painful rehabilitation period that often follows surgeries. With a team of musculoskeletal specialists, they have developed as one of the best in the field of regenerative medicine.

This is also because the procedures adopted by them are different than others in the field of regenerative medicine and have proven to be extremely beneficial and effective.

The services provided by this organization are continuously researched and improved upon so as to ensure the patient gets the best results. The best part about their services is that for ailments that require surgery like knee replacement, the most minimally invasive surgical procedure is adopted.

The imaging technology used by them is world-class and it allows them to not only visualize the anatomy of the body but also the path of the injections and distribution of injected material.

This organization also believes that research is what can help the whole world and thus, provides literature regarding the latest technologies in the field of orthopedics. This shows that their focus is on healing the world instead of selfish profit interests. Their completely transparent and highly efficient procedures and services make them one of the best in the field.