The most underrated small towns in California

A road to take when visiting some of the most underrated small towns in California.

So, you want to move to California with your family. That sounds like a great idea. All of you must be very excited about this decision. But, you do not want to relocate to Los Angeles or any other big city. On the contrary, you and your family members prefer small places. However, you are still not sure which place in California you want to be your new home. For this reason, we are here to help you. Here, you will find the most underrated small towns in California. Enjoy your reading!

Pebble Beach is one of the best small towns in California

Firstly, we have to give you some very useful information on Pebble Beach. This small place in California is a great choice for people with kids. It has excellent schools. Moreover, we must mention that it also has a couple of great golf courses. If you like playing golf, you may find this information important. So, if you want to make Pebble Beach your new home, we strongly advise you to hire a professional relocation company. Certainly, that will mean an easy relocation to your neighborhood of choice. Therefore, contact your movers right now and make your moving stress free for you and your family members. ucuz takipçi

Avalon is surely among the most underrated small towns in California

Secondly, Avalon is a little place in California with a mild warm Mediterranean climate. The weather there is warm during the entire year. When education is in question, Avalon in California has excellent elementary schools for children. Moreover, Avalon has a beautiful beach. So, if you love spending time on the beach with your family, this small town can easily be an ideal place for you. Also, we have to mention that many tourists visit this charming town every year. They love visiting Botanical Gardens there during the daytime. People use boats to come to this small town. If you think that Avalon is a perfect place for you and your family, start packing your suitcases right away.

Sunset at the beach in one of the most underrated small towns in California.
Avalon has beautiful beaches.

Laguna Beach

Thirdly, there is Laguna Beach in California that can easily be your favorite place on the planet. It has beautiful ocean water. That is the reason why surfers love to come to this place every year. Except for surfing, Laguna Beach is also well known for volleyball and mountain biking. As for the climate, it is the mild Mediterranean with many days filled with sunshine during the whole year. Moreover, this place has an art museum. In addition, you can find excellent schools there. And not only primary and secondary. Laguna Beach also has higher education institutions. Namely, it has a private college of art and design. Therefore, if you love swimming, surfing, volleyball, mountain biking, music, and art, Laguna Beach will be a perfect home for you and your loved ones.


The next town on our list is Sausalito. This place evokes a warm feeling. It has many excellent restaurants and cafes that have a brilliant atmosphere. Moreover, they can be perfect for having some relaxing time with your friends. Its climate is Medittarreanian, but we have to mention that temperatures there are lower than people would expect. In the past, Sausalito was a fishing village. Today, many people love visiting it annually. Importantly, it has many parks that are ideal for recreational activities. You can spend your free time there with your kids. Also, if you have pets, you can bring them to some of these parks. When education is in question, this small town in California has elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Some of them are private and the others are public. So, you can choose what kind of education you want for your children if you relocate there.

A bench n a park next to a lake.
Sausalito has wonderful parks ideal for family fun.


Oxnard is among beautiful and the most underrated small town in California, ideal for family life. It has a low crime rate. Moreover, its beaches are wonderful. It also has a couple of beautiful parks there. Importantly, it has many excellent public schools. There are many elementary and junior high schools. In addition, high schools, universities, and colleges in Oxnard are great. Therefore, it is a great place for people with children. Many people love to come to Oxnard at weekends or on vacations. When housing is in question, Oxnard has many architectural styles. Many houses there are in Victorian and Italian styles. Also, some houses are in Carpenter Gothic style and Tudor Revival. We have to inform you that Oxnard also has homes in Spanish and Colonial Revival styles. Some houses are built in different architectural styles. So, you will have many homes to choose from if you decide to relocate there.

A Victorian-style house.
Oxnard has houses in various styles, including Victorian.

Tahoe City is one of the most underrated small towns in California

Finally, Tahoe City is a mountain town in California. This place is the most underrated of all on our list. It is rich in natural beauty. The climate there is the continental Mediterranean. During summer, days in Tahoe City are dry and warm, while the nights are very chilly. Interestingly, winters in this beautiful small town are very snowy, but not so harsh, which is great. Therefore, if you love having white Christmas with your family, then this mountain town can be a perfect new home for all of you. This place is well known for skiing. Also, it has a beautiful lake with clear water. The town center has many shops, boutiques, restaurants with very tasty food, and cafes. In addition, many festivals and community events are organized there. If you love peace, then Tahoe City may be the best option for you.