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Let’s research some of the most popular cities in the world to move to as a student. If you are researching the world’s best places for you to experience something new and enjoy your youth, we are here to help you. Many American students want to go to Europe to study and, even though we have some great options in Europe, we decided to look beyond the stereotypes. You can find so many great cities for students. All you need to do is do some serious research. We just gave you a start, you will need to continue on your own.

Munich, Germany

Due to its low living costs and a high number of available jobs, Munich has surpassed Berlin as the greatest city in the world in which to pursue higher education. Germany is able to provide some of the finest values in the world today because it does not impose tuition fees on undergraduate students of any nationality. The Technische Universität München is ranked 50th in the world, and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is ranked 64th. Over 18,000 international students call the city home yearly, contributing to its thriving multinational community. Don’t worry, Munich is not only about learning. You will also be able to explore their amazing nightlife.


Besides Ivy League schools, this city is the most impressive in the whole world and undoubtedly one of the cities to move to as a student. You don’t have to leave the USA to attend some of the best schools in the world. Many European students are moving here for Ivy education. Yale seems to be the hottest destination. NYC can offer you more than you can ever think. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason. This city can give you whatever you imagine. If you want to experience the amazing nightlife, amazing parks, cool amenities for students, and things to see and explore all the time, you are in the right place. In your free time, you can even visit some of the legendary places you saw on TV. The only downside is the prices obviously. For some students, that is not an issue. Transparent International NYC is the company that will make sure that international students are settled in safely. So, if you are moving from some other continent – you know who to call.

Seoul, South Korea

This year, Seoul jumped seven spots to take third place on the list of top student cities worldwide. South Korea is home to an astounding number of higher education institutions, with no less than 20 offering degrees in various fields. Urban Seoul is ever-evolving thanks to its diversified community of a bit over nine million people. This amazing city will keep you busy at any hour of the day. Public safety in Seoul is one of the city’s distinguishing features that draws people from all over the world despite the city’s large population.

Melbourne, Australia

Due to its large and varied student population, Melbourne is a top choice for higher education institutions around the world. Seven schools in the city are included in the index. The famous University of Melbourne is placing highest at #37 globally and #3 in Australia. As home to more than 90,000 international students, Melbourne has a population that is about 40% non-native. Melbourne is home to a thriving cultural scene, good public services, delicious cuisine, and beautiful scenery for its residents. While it’s not as cheap as other places, the exceptional quality of life experienced by residents more than makes up for the higher price tag.

Boston, USA

If you’re looking for a place to further your education, look no further than Boston. The Greater Boston Area is sometimes referred to as “the Athens of America“. Since it is home to two of the world’s finest educational institutions: Harvard University, ranked #5 in the world, and MIT ranked #1 you can easily see the attraction. Boston is home to two of the most prestigious institutions in the world. There are also over a hundred more schools from which students can pick. Boston’s intellectual reputation is practically unparalleled. The city’s institutes enjoy an unrivaled standing in their fields, leading to exceptionally high employment rates. Although tuition at these schools may be among the costliest worldwide, many of the greatest schools also provide substantial financial help to both domestic and international students, making it possible to earn a degree from one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Also, they care a lot about the general health of students here. You can easily find fitness programs that are not costly.

Montreal, Canada

Canada is been ranked as one of the best places for international students to study. Present-day Montreal is indisputably one of the top urban centers in the country. Montreal is home to a number of top Canadian universities, including McGill University (ranked 27th in the world and second in Canada) and the famous Université de Montréal (ranked 111th in the world and fourth in Canada). The city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a French-speaking oasis in an otherwise English-speaking country. The city ranks #30 for employer activity and #60 on the list of the cheapest cities in the world, thus it provides students with a high quality of life and good job opportunities.

London, UK

London’s top-notch educational institutions receive rave reviews from students. Second only to London in terms of “desirability,” but much more affordable, Munich is a great option for those interested in studying abroad. But let’s get back to London now. This city is iconic. We are not talking only in terms of amusement parks (but you will get a chance to feel the real Potterverse). Even if you don’t take advantage of the excellent schools and job prospects available here, you’ll still have a fantastic time during your college years. London, with its nearly nine million residents, is Europe’s largest city and also one of the most popular cities in the world in general, not just for students.

Belgrade, Serbia

If you are looking for a cheap yet great education, this is the best place. Their public schools are ranked very well, and their private schools are pretty affordable. Besides their great education, this small country in Balkan can also offer you the best nightlife, amazing food, and very friendly people. They are very welcoming towards ex-pats. You can find many Russian exchange students here as well. The location is also another plus of studying here. You will be able to travel to many amazing countries that are nearby like Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, and many others. Thus, unsurprisingly, Belgrade, Serbia, is surely one of the most popular cities in the world to move to as a student.