Sun. May 31st, 2020


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The Most Marketable Skills of 2019

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Did you know a survey by LinkedIn says that there are over 50,000 skills worldwide? If yes, which skills are you planning to win? In case, you are facing trouble deciding, a Credforce infographic – Top 10 Skills to Learn in 2019 is on your way to help you out.

According to the infographic, approximately 57% of employers hold the opinion that there is more scope for soft skills than hard skills in the market.

The five uppermost skills with the potential to make your career touch the sky are:

  • Creativity- With Artificial Intelligence, it is only the existing notions that can be revamped, however, organizations do need human to produce this marketable concept in the first place.
  • Persuasion- A remarkable product is not enough for an organization’s success without the availability of impressive people having global marketing careers to sell it.
  • Collaboration- Organizations are going international and with complexities of operating in a global village, collaboration is a prime priority for business.
  • Adaptability- The business environment is ever-evolving, and adaptability is the key to favorable outcomes.
  • Time Management- Knowing what to prioritize at what time is the most high-in-demand trait. Besides these skills, the infographic throws light on a widespread requirement for robust skills and the need of the hour is for professionals to adopt them.
  • Cloud Computing- Every prominent company is showing a myriad of job positions for Cloud Computing engineers.
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI is thriving and it is a golden chance for professionals to get wrapped into its glory.
  • Analytical Reasoning- Companies cannot make rewarding decisions and pull larger revenues without professionals with the laboriousness to analyze gruesome data.
  • People Management- With ‘talent’ being the biggest asset to companies, Talent Management and the development of leaders is imperative to employers to flourish.
  • UX Design- Businesses work in an online sphere and creating suitable user experience can decide a company’s fate.

You must surely have grasped the gist of the infographic.

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