The More Advancement in Technology Will Decline Human Life in Future

Human Life in Future

The technology is changing on a huge pace which is quite visible and easily susceptible by everyone. However, this continuous increase and development of technology has also completely reformed physical functioning of individuals. At this point, lie of every individual mainly revolves around technology. The facilities catered to us by technology have contracted the things, and the social circle we operate in. just take into account your surrounding you are in, the PC, cell phone, fan, ac and more are the few examples that might be present. Your reading this article is an example of how the physical item book has been replaced with the digitalized ubiquitous device. Some of these inventions are good, but some bad. The major complications projected by the advent of technology detrimental for the future human life are as follow:

  • Work at Home

One of the main problems associated with the technology is that it has bought work home the work. The unbreakable connectivity with the internet has enabled the employees to keep connected with the business operations no matter what time. This often impacts the relationships at home which require time. The technology has handed over the power to the companies which allow them to control every aspect from routine to vacations as well as working hours and after hours at home.

  • No Personal Space

The term no personal space here illuminates that all the data of the individual is maintained on a digitalized platform. No information is saved as every day things from the garage functionality to payment through the card, from personal identity card to the online banking prospect; everything is maintained on a digitalized database. Extracting of data from the cyber platform is one of the major fear individuals have, which scope is said to widen with time.

  • Digitalized Work System

AI is ruling the world due to the convenience and simplification it has provided in the workplace. The increase in production and reduction of the amount in terms of time and salary is said to make more place for the robotics in the job market. The production that took days to be completed in now completed within hours. Its advent in the workplace is one of the major concerning issues among the individuals. The machinery is replacing the positions where previously humans were employed. The time is future is projected that machinery will replace the decision making the prospect of the human beings.

  • No Human Interaction

Another danger projected is that technology is making us its slave. Our homes are being made the prisons, as all the activities which previously required us to commute and interact with the humans are being conducted online. Through social media platform, we get an update of the happenings in an individual’s life, through online shopping we get the thing and we crave at our doorstep, through affordable essay writer service we get our homework completed and more. The technology has eliminated the communication which takes place in the physical presence. This has also raised many concerns in terms of mental health, where individuals are more depressed, obese, and easily agitated.


Thou, it can be concluded that the technology itself is not bad but its utilization. Excess use of everything has detrimental effect and technology is no exception. It depends upon us how to preserve the essence of the human interaction, the life where the advent of technology remains confined to a certain level.

Author Bio: – Michel Strac is a content specialist at a multinational company in United State. Strac is an eager writer, editor, blogger and publishing manager for cheap essay writing service. Teaching, technology in the class and present learning tools are his most important excitement.

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