impacts and benefits of online tutoring services

The popularity of online tutoring has been on a rise for a long time. The Coronavirus pandemic has augmented the importance of online tutoring further. It has changed the way coaching is perceived. The educational institutions, who were focusing on physical tutoring, have established websites and commenced online coaching.

The world is turning online completely. It has been the case not only with education but also with other facets of life. Online tutoring has grown in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE. Also, the popularity of online tutoring classes is increasing at a rapid rate. Thus benefiting online firms and business organizations

There are two types of online tutoring, Asynchronous tutoring and Synchronous tutoring

Asynchronous tutoring – The student and tutor will not be online simultaneously. The teacher will send notes and course videos via email or other methods. The student can go through the videos and course notes during free time. There could be a doubt-clearing session once in a week or month. Alternatively, the student can forward doubts through email.

Synchronous tutoring – Both the student and teacher must be online at the same time. It is one-to-one coaching, wherein the classes will be similar to traditional coaching. The only difference is that the teacher and student will be sitting in two different places. Rather than being in the same room, as in the physical classroom.

What are the benefits of Online Tutoring Services?

Switching over from traditional tutoring methods to online teaching has been difficult for many. Nevertheless, the advantages of online tutoring have resulted in a rapid change in the mindset of people. They quickly understood the positive features of online tutoring.

Coaching around the clock

Online tutoring is available around the clock for 365 days of a year. Physical coaching or traditional coaching classes could be attended as per the fixed timetable only. Irrespective of the student’s convenience, s/he has to attend the class without fail. Rescheduling of the class will be difficult, or, almost impossible.

Around the Clock

Nonetheless, the students can attend online tutoring according to his or her convenience. He or she can opt for additional video classes during any free time. Thereby, avoiding the complications of attending a physical class at the time decided by the teacher or the academy.

Rescheduling a missed class is easier in the case of an online tutoring class. The student can discuss the time availability with the teacher and fix a time convenient for both of them.

Choice of tutors

You can opt for tutors from any corner of the world for online tutoring. This provides the student with ample options to choose from. Hence, the student can select a teacher, with whom s/he can follow easily. Many countries are heavily reliant on private tuition, tuition classes in Dubai offer to coach for all subjects along with individual attention.

The teaching methodology adopted by the teacher makes a lot of difference. Each student is different and so is the teacher. Not every teacher will suit every student. Both the teacher and the student have to be at the same frequency for easy learning of complicated topics.

There will only be one or two teachers in traditional tuition centres. The student is not left with any other choice, other than continuing in the same tuition centre. Else, he or she will have to change the tuition centre. A similar problem can occur there too. In the case of online tutoring, the student can change the tutor for an individual subject. Tuition classes in Dubai offer to coach for all subjects along with individual attention.

Personalized classes

The online tutoring class will give the feel of a personalized class. The student can ask doubts to the teacher directly and obtain the answers. On the other hand, the teacher will get to assess the student’s weak areas and strengths.

Personalized classes

The feedback from the teacher will aid the student in inefficient preparation. He or she will understand the strengths and weaknesses. Thus, focussing on improving the weak areas.

Convenient and comfortable

As both the student and teacher do not have to travel, it is convenient and comfortable for both. They can sit in the comfort of their home and teach/ learn. Avoiding travel during this pandemic situation is also beneficial for all.

The student may have to travel long distances to reach the tuition centre. This can be tiring affecting the time available for preparation and revision. Online tutoring helps in avoiding such discomforts.

What are the impacts of online tutoring?

Of course, as nothing is perfect, everything in this world has disadvantages. It is the case with online tutoring too. Enumerated below are the impacts of online tutoring.

  • It can be expensive
  • There are also frauds in the field
  • The student has to have an honest approach to reap maximum benefits from the online tutoring
  • The teacher’s experience and expertise matter a lot as both the student and the teacher are in two different planes
  • The physical presence of a teacher could be more productive, at times

Weighing both the pros and cons of online tutoring, one could easily understand that online coaching is the best method. The technological advancements and availability of the internet have made online tutoring more popular than ever before. You can consider online tutoring for competitive and entrance exams. It will help you in cracking the exam in the first attempt itself.

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