Striving for The Guidance for Holy Travel Makkah


There are many People who cease the guidance and learning reaching a certain age. Does your body ever stop getting in a need of food? No, because it needs nutrients to function properly. Same is the case with your mind, heart, and soul, they have their needs too. They are also your body parts and need knowledge, guidance, and peace to function in the right way. No matter at which age you are, you can always be in a need of guidance on any matter. Just see around at your elder, they seek help from you whenever it is about the smartphones. You seek their words of wisdom on the matters you are trying hard to handle. This is the life. As Muslim, we can understand that how our daily prayers and the journey of Hajj 2019 makes us get a better idea about life.

It is always quite peaceful to get guidance from God. You’re tired, shed some tears during the prayer, he’ll listen to you. You are going through the hardships, ask him to guide you in the right direction. You command, desires, needs and hence your spiritual fulfillment is also in a need of help.

Allah Almighty has blessed many of us with a great sense of knowledge, luxury or spiritual guidance. The right use of any of these powers is to spread them among the fellow human beings. So, it doesn’t matter that which age you’re, how intellect you’re, you still don’t know many things. The curiosity in nature so human being is only to lead them to the discoveries of the world. The world is full of marvel and God has given you all the powers to learn and recreate things according to your needs. Scientist, artists, and empaths have the same level of curiosity. They are called with these names because they are always striving to know something new. The travelers are called insane but they are seeking for the purpose of their wandering nature too. It is all about the advances in science that have to lead the world to ponder about every little detail.

Life is all about striving for the new challenges, embracing the world, finding out the undiscovered and explore every corner of it. If you’ve performed any of the Hajj and Umrah, you would know the feeling of being the guest of Allah (SWT).

The glorious Kaaba shines and the time spent in Haram is precious for the people. Why you go there? To seek forgiveness and that hides the guidance for the life too. You come from the journey and you’re a changed person because, you’re guided by the creator of this universe, who knows the best for you.

However, regardless of your age, one is supposed to seek righteousness for their life. the light comes to those who strive for it. It is up to your struggle and waits for the reward from one and only Allah (SWT).  If you’re looking for the Hajj or Umrah packages or more information on visit Muslims Holy travel.

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