Streamline Your Practice With AltaPoint EMR Software

Streamline Your Practice With AltaPoint EMR Software

If you are a small or medium-sized medical practice, you can use the AltaPoint software to simplify your workflow and improve patient care. This EMR software is affordable and has a wide range of features. 

The software makes it easy to schedule appointments, track insurance claims, and generate reports. It also allows users to send text, phone, and email reminders to patients. 

Easy to Use 

The AltaPoint electronic medical record (EMR) system is a comprehensive EHR and practice management (PM) solution that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. It supports multi-provider scheduling, customized statements, and automated alerts, as well as multiple billing options and patient management features. 

AltaPoint’s user-friendly interface allows physicians to enter data in a variety of ways. They can use a touch screen or keyboard, and even add handwriting capability using a tablet PC. The system is also easy to customize, allowing physicians to change or update information on the fly. 

It is ideal for small to medium size medical organizations and solo practitioners. It offers e-prescribing, medical billing, and telehealth. The SaaS software is HL7 compliant and compatible with on-premises Windows and Linux devices. It also includes claim submission management, false claim reviews, and cancellation mitigation. 

Physician practices can also benefit from medical transcription services, which are offered by AltaPoint. These services provide medical transcribers with login access to a healthcare facility’s AltaPoint EMR application through a HIPAA-compliant virtual private network (VPN). 

When physicians have to complete their notes, they can simply upload the files to the web-based transcription service via a secure web portal. The online service can then be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any Internet-enabled device. 

Another benefit of medical transcription is that it saves time for doctors and nurses by eliminating the need to manually type up their notes. It also improves the accuracy of medical records by allowing transcriptionists to proofread dictation in real time like EyeMd EMR software. 

AltaPoint’s psychiatry software provides a centralized dictation system that allows medical transcribers to document the narrated reports of patients in a fast and efficient manner. The software is an excellent choice for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who wish to increase productivity and profits. 

Easy to Customize 

In a world of spreadsheets and clipboards, AltaPoint stands out from the crowd with a plethora of features including a customizable patient portal, EDI-capable billing, and a full suite of practice management tools. The software is also impressive on a day-to-day basis with an intuitive interface that allows physicians to perform their duties on the fly without breaking a sweat. Lastly, the software has one of the most sophisticated security offerings in the industry resulting in a highly secure and confidential environment. 

Powered by Microsoft Azure and the Windows Azure Cloud platform, this EMR system is on the cutting edge of technology and will have you on the track to success in no time. The system is easy to install, deploy and manage to allow you to focus on what matters most to you and your patients. 

Easy to Train 

For over a decade, thousands of doctors have trusted their practices to use AltaPoint. Medical professionals from all major specialties use the system to achieve higher office efficiency and better care for their patients. 

This cloud-based solution offers practice management tools, such as appointment scheduling, insurance billing, and practice evaluation. It also provides an e-prescribe module, which allows users to digitally transmit prescriptions to pharmacies that accept them. 

In addition, AltaPoint EMR integrates with Welch Allyn’s digital medical devices to speed up the workflow process and minimize errors. It also helps ensure that patient records are stored in a secure digital format. 

The software is available both on-premise and in the cloud, and it supports ICD-10 and CMS-1500 medical coding and billing standards. It also features an H7 interface that enables it to connect with other EHR systems without the need for a third-party application. 

It also has an e-prescribing module that lets you digitally transmit prescriptions to pharmacies. Search for drug interactions, and use sophisticated drug lookup databases. You can even use it to receive Medicare payments for medications prescribed by your doctors. 

This e-prescribing solution also helps you to send letters and make phone calls. To remind patients of tests, immunizations, or other appointments. It also has a referral management tool, which enables you to create lists of patients. Who needs to be engaged for precautionary or routine treatment, and track when the letters are issued. And determine whether the patient needs to respond to them. 

Moreover, this e-prescribe software can be accessed anytime from any device with an Internet connection. It also integrates with over 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, allowing consumers to place orders and request refills. 

AltaPoint has a great customer support team that is dedicated to making sure you have a successful implementation. This includes project managers, provider trainers, administrative, setup and billing trainers, and data conversion specialists. They will provide you with comprehensive training on using the software and implementing best practices. The company also offers an online customer support portal to help you troubleshoot issues.