Australia study visa

Australia is known for its high education and discipline. Most students wish to study in Australia for higher education. Getting an Australian study visa is easy if you follow the proper instructions.

Being a student, the first thing you need is a student visa. We will guide you on applying to study in Australia because every student’s utmost dream is to visit Australia to make their career shine. For students, it can be an existing and life-changing experience to study in an international country.

It is the best opportunity to learn new things from new cultures, like language, and valuable experiences that can positively impact your future. Many Australian study visa consultants are available who offer affordable deals to their students. You can visit them for information related to Australian study visas.

So, you may have different options at home if you study at a foreign institution. You can learn and develop in ways you never thought possible when you immerse yourself in a completely different culture. Let’s discuss how to get an Australia study visa

Select the desirable course

Once you have decided to visit Australia for higher studies, it is time to select the course or university you want to attend. There are many courses and international universities in Australia for international students. You can choose according to your criteria because you can take the admission without hassle.

Once you have selected the university now, it is time to apply. Always apply to multiple universities for high chances of getting a response. If you are applying to more than one university, you must use it separately every time.

Once you get the confirmation letter from the university, you can apply for an Australian student visa.

Apply for a Australia student visa

When you apply for a Australia student visa, you first need to gather all the essential documents. You must have critical documents to proceed further with your case. There are different kinds of documents you need. Let’s see what kind of documents are essential.

A Valid passport is essential for a student, and the validity of a visa must be one year.

Proof of your electronic confirmation enrolment is mandatory

A university offer letter is essential after a passport

Previous educational certificates and diplomas

IELTS certificate if required, otherwise you can pass any other kind of English language test

Your (GTE) statement

Bank statements and proof of other financials like tuition fees, expenses, etc.

Visa application with passport-size photographs

Health and medical certificates

These are essential documents you should require if you are underage and need parental consent.

Once you gather all the documents, you can apply for a student visa. You can apply for a visa online by completing the application form and attaching copies of the required documents.

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How much time does it take for visa processing

Well, it depends on where and when you are applying for study in Australia because sometimes, due to multiple applications or holidays, it can be delayed, but it takes less than one month. Once you get a positive response, the next step is a visa interview.

Visa interview

After getting a positive response, it is time for an interview. An interview is conducted to analyze the student’s abilities. The interviewer will also ask questions about your educational background and general knowledge.

This interview will decide whether you are eligible for a student visa. Most student takes it lightly; it is different. Always be confident, listen to the question carefully, and then give a precise answer. You don’t need to be over-smart.

Make an eye connection while giving the answer interviewer may ask about your plans, your previous education, and other general questions. Most of the time, they will issue you a student visa on the spot, but if they don’t, they will email you.

Visa approval notification

After your final interview, it may take 1 or 2 weeks. You will receive an email or call from the Australian visa. You will be part of an Australian university.

If you don’t receive any response, you can track your visa status by logging into the immigration website. Although, you don’t need to follow it because if everything goes well, you may get the response in a few days. By chance, if you don’t get a positive reaction, don’t worry; fix the mistakes and apply again so that you will get it this time. Don’t lose your heart, and always try for the best.


Every intelligent student wants to become something in their life. And international universities offer you the best courses with a lot of exposure. Australia is known for its top-notch education system. We have talked about a step-by-step guide for an Australia study visa. I hope you liked the information. If you need more information regarding student visas, you can contact 7 Sky Consultancy. They are excellent Australia study visa consultants in Lahore.