Steel Homes

What comes to mind when you think of a steel-framed building?

You may imagine those boxy warehouses, skyscrapers, and even grocery stores. Structural steel, however, isn’t just for commercial buildings. It also makes a great building material for your home – and can even outdo timber in many ways.

Timber framing has always been a reliable choice when it comes to home building. However, steel framing provides many advantages over timber that every homeowner should consider, from its exceptional durability to environmental benefits.

Building your new home? Here are 9 reasons why going for steel framing is a better option than timber framing.

1. Steel-framed homes have a shorter construction time

If you’re looking for a faster build without skimping on quality, go for steel framing. Steel components are pre-engineered to a specific design off-site, and shipped out, ready to be erected.

They also don’t take a lot of time to be put together on-site. A whole frame can be erected in a matter of days, speeding up construction time significantly and make it possible to complete projects in a matter of weeks.

In a nutshell, steel-framed homes are perfect for individuals who need to move out quickly.

2. They have stronger foundations with a straighter finish

When building with timber, a home’s structure, especially along the roof lines, walls, and ceilings, has the tendency to visibly flex and warp through time.

Unlike timber, steel will give your home a straighter finish along with those areas. It will also provide sturdier foundations, keeping your home from sinking and sloping over time.

3. Steel is lighter than timber

When it comes to framing, steel is lighter than wood – and this is not a deal breaker at all. That means steel buildings are quicker and more convenient to build.

The lighter-weight advantage allows steel to decrease the construction labor required and eliminate the shipping costs of the materials. It can also simplify the design of the building’s foundation, which can reduce the project budgets even further.

4. Steel framing is owner-builder-friendly

Are you considering building your own home with prefab home kits? Since steel-framed homes are easy and quick to build, even skilled homeowners could do it. If you’re living in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, and you’re thinking of purchasing kit homes you can build yourself, you’ll benefit from steel framing.

The best manufacturers steel frame kit homes today use BlueScope Steel, a global leader in premium coated and painted steel products.

5. Steel-framed homes are a greener option

Looking to build a home with less environmental impact? Another major victory for steel is that it’s eco-friendly. Firstly, you wouldn’t need to chop down trees, as you would with timber framing. Secondly, it’s completely recyclable and sustainable. No need to worry about construction wastes, ending up in landfills.

6. Steel-framed homes boast their unparalleled durability and resistance

Steel is celebrated for its exceptional ability to withstand natural disasters all year long. That includes strong winds, storms, and even extreme circumstances like heavy snow loads, and earthquakes.

Steel is also fire-resistant – something timber-framed houses can never beat. It’s non-combustible, and won’t bend or warp in a fire, unlike their timber counterparts.

7. Steel-framed homes are termite-proof too

Termites, a.k.a the “silent destroyers” of a home, feed on wood and eat away at the depths of your home. While you can treat timber to be “termite resistant”, the treatment can only last for about 25 years. Timber is also susceptible to rot, mold, and cracking, which may deteriorate the home over time.

Steel, on the other hand, provides a lifetime guarantee against destructive termites, rot, and other natural destroyers without the extra chemicals and toxins.

8. Steel-framed homes are low-maintenance

Since it’s extremely durable and resistant to a multitude of home destroyers, and it’s not surprising that it requires so little maintenance. Unlike traditional timber construction, steel is pest-proof, fire-proof, and rot-proof which mean no replacing rotten boards or repainting required.

9. Steel-framing provides better value for money

While timber could be a cheaper material upfront, steel makes you save more time, energy, and money in the building stage and in the long run.

Steel is lighter, and experts agree that building with steel takes “half the time and energy to erect” as opposed to timber. It’s sustainable, durable and resistant to fire, termite, and other notorious “home wreckers.”

Considering all the benefits, we can all agree that steel is a more cost-effective option than traditional timber framing.

By MinaSCN