Sophos Mobile Antivirus and Security

Sophos Mobile Antivirus and Security-

Smartphone and laptop both are the most important part of our life, without them can’t even think of it. Why these are important, every single work is done on these devices, highly advanced technology that made our life so comfortable. Having these devices save a lot of time, plus it keeps heavy workload save as well. But keeping those sensitive, confidential data safe forever user required to have the ultimate software for both of the devices. One single software that not only detects antivirus but also malware and offers website security. Sophos Antivirus and Security provides all in one software, which covers all the necessary requirements of the users. It is the best antivirus for both laptops and mobile.  According to the AV test, it is also certified as one of the most used cybersecurity software all across the globe.  Sophos is basically a British organization of developing software and hardware.

First let’s discuss Sophos antivirus Laptop platform, what they are offering to that particular forum? Well, Sophos can work on both major operating systems, Mac and Windows. This is a major advantage as there are several software. which is unable to work on Mac, making antivirus protection difficult for Apple users. The antivirus scanner will detect any virus or malware in the existing files present on your laptop, deleting them before they can cause any further damage. Furthermore, they also provide internet security scanning which basically means that through this platform, your laptop will automatically detect the websites that you are visiting, the search results you get and the links that you might be opening through emails.

Files which are about to be downloaded are also scanned thoroughly before they are placed in the downloads folder. The computer internal programs also come under those things which Sophos will scan for and if they do detect any malware or ransomware, it can be deleted almost immediately. The scanner will also start scans on its’ own, ensuring that you don’t have to keep on doing so and possibly the best part about the scanner is that it doesn’t affect the performance of your laptop even one bit.

Having such an app for the mobile phone, with all these facilities looks like a dream but not now.  First Sophos Mobile Security is available on the iOS platform. Again, as I mentioned above, Apple products are even more difficult to protect because many of the apps that are currently available in the market don’t work on Apple. However, with Sophos, you don’t need to worry about this anymore as it will surely provide all the protection that your expensive smartphone needs. To get the best version of the phone, you do need to make sure the app is upgraded, a small price to pay for all the features that it provides.

The features that the mobile app offers to its’ users is the same as the ones available on the Laptop scanner. The app will scan your existing documents and files along with scanning those which are about to be downloaded into the phone. Unsafe links and search results will also be blocked through the app, along with all the websites that could enter the phone. Identity theft is also prevented through the antiphishing features.

Additionally, Sophos is a company which basically lets their customers go for a free trial. You can try the app or laptop scanner out for a bit, and if it doesn’t appeal to you, easily remove it without feeling bad for having paid for it. The company has also kept affordable rates for their customers, and if you have already spent so much money buying an iPhone or a Mac, whats some extra spending when it comes to protecting your phone and privacy, along with all those vital files, pictures, and documents that your phone contains.

In android phone, Sophos Mobile Security is at its peak. An award-winning software which protects Android devices in such a manner that let the user use their phone without having any fear of getting back all the malware, viruses. The performance is unbelievable, doesn’t slow the phone even while scanning infected files, also optimizes the battery power which extends the battery life and with the help of Real-time synchronization it keeps your phone protected all the time.   Privacy and other security features help you to protect your smartphone in every way.

One thing that needs to be noted, there’s another version of Sophos Antivirus and Security known as HitmanPro. HitmanPro is the toolkit consists of operations of killing all the malware in laptops and mobile phones. Even apart from malware, it will also remove all the viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, even it also let you know whether any file missed while scanning a system or phone and you will be able to scan that particular file as well.  One of the amazing things, the user doesn’t need to install or download this version, the user needs to upgrade the app or software according to the policy.

Sophos Antivirus and Security infrastructure policy is the key ingredient in making the software the best. Offering all the features, plus scanning heavy infected files in such a way that doesn’t harm laptop or mobile performance is the thing which no other software is providing. Want to protect your laptop and phone all in one way then Sophos Antivirus and Security is the solution to you.

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