You have probably come across a variety of “strategies” for increasing your traffic in your search for SEO knowledge. But I’ll admit that certain approaches are superior to others.

Particularly when it comes to link building, this is true. There are several “link farms” and spammy link vendors on the internet who advertise backlinks for a dollar. Your time and money would likely be better spent on more natural techniques.

here comes guest posting.

A common way to get your own original work published on other blogs and websites is through guest posting. In fact, it is the preferred strategy for 64.9% of link builders. A natural and genuine method of generating links and traffic to your website is through Guest-posting-sites.

However, before you start looking for guest writing websites to submit to, take a look at my list of the top websites that accept frequent contributors.

What justifies submitting guest posts?

Look for current guest writing possibilities if you want to improve your SEO. Even though guest posting has been an idea since the beginning of the blogging era, it is still a tried-and-true method for raising your website’s search engine results.

You must approach guest articles differently than you would have ten years ago because things have changed. Nevertheless, you can still gain from things like:

better exposure and visibility as a content producer

better domain authority due to strategically placed do-follow links

Improve your standing as an industry thought leader

The real story behind guest post “red flags”

In principle, guest posting seems like a wonderful idea (you get publicity, they get material), but you should exercise caution.

Genuine opportunities can be very profitable for you, but engaging in dubious content creation can be detrimental to your reputation and the Google rankings of your website.

Avoid any guest posting chances that: Appear to be “spammy” or are performed in an offensive manner

Payment for content contributions may be provided or requested.

any of Google’s well-known guidelines for SEO optimisation are broken

By following these broad guidelines, you can steer clear of bad guest posting chances while still finding undiscovered gems that will benefit your website greatly.

sites for guest posting to gain backlinks

We’ve done some of the legwork for you if you’re interested in guest posting but aren’t sure where to begin. To learn more about content possibilities, submission guidelines, themes, and other details, visit the websites listed below.

1. Mashable

 A global entertainment and media organisation called Mashable provides articles on a variety of topics, including culture, technology, current affairs, and more Guest posting services. The website functions as a forum for news media with the overarching goal of promoting social good.

Despite the enormous viewership of Mashable, competition for guest writing chances can be fierce. Mashable has a number of full-time roles available, but senior department editors occasionally accept original submissions for guest articles. Stay informed by subscribing to posts and career notifications.

  1. Outthink

Through innovative advertising and astute recommendations, the discovery platform Outbrain assists businesses in establishing relationships with consumers. On subjects including native advertising, performance marketing, affiliate marketing, brand recognition, conversion rate optimisation, and other ideas in digital marketing, Outbrain encourages guest submissions.

  1. HubSpot

One of the top brands for CRM, sales, and inbound marketing software is Hubspot. In addition to providing a full range of marketing products, HubSpot’s staff frequently writes authoritative and technical blog posts on a range of digital marketing subjects.

Knowing which of the four primary blogs you want to post on when guest blogging on HubSpot is necessary: marketing, sales, service, or website. Check out the guest posting page for further information as each blog has its own rules and deadlines.

  1. Copyblogger

A content marketing training website called Copyblogger assists authors in learning new techniques, fads, and tactics to enhance their work. Resources are made to give writers additional abilities that enable them to maintain competition in a busy market.

You must be a Certified Content Marketer with the company in order to guest post on Copyblogger. Having this certification enables Copyblogger to create excellent content that enhances its broader brand.

  1. Businessperson

An American media company called Entrepreneur Media Inc. offers print and online articles about entrepreneurship, business expansion, technology, and current affairs. Entrepreneur also includes articles on technology and digital marketing that are important to SEO experts and content creators.

For new entries, Entrepreneur has brief and clear criteria for guest posting. Members of the company’s Leadership Network are authors who submit their work to Entrepreneur for publication.

  1. MOZ

MOZ creates SEO tools for more effective digital marketing. Users of MOZ have access to a wealth of useful information, technical how-tos, and blog pieces in addition to being backed by a vibrant community of SEO experts who are concerned with strategies like guest posting.

Full-time opportunities are available at MOZ, and the company frequently takes applications for community-run conferences like MozCon for SEOs. You can consult the MOZ blog or get in touch with the team for comprehensive instructions on how to submit pitches.

  1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is an online media company that produces digital magazines, blogs, and podcasts. Throughout these resources, the focus is on the growth and success of social media in business. The company’s founder, Michael Stelzner, regularly shares insights and recommendations for modern marketers.

Social Media Examiner accepts content submissions from individual writers only (no content agencies allowed). The guest post guidelines cover what to write about, how to apply, and tips for avoiding conflicts of interest.

  1. Search Engine Journal

An online platform for SEOs and internet marketers is called Search Engine Journal (SEJ). To aid professionals and practitioners alike, SEJ stands out by providing the newest subjects and best practises.

The editorial team proactively invites contributors, according to the guest post standards for SEJ. Improve your abilities in SEO, digital marketing, social media, content marketing, eCommerce, or PPC if you want to be taken into consideration. Contributions for guest posts are always 100 percent original, distinct, and substantiated.