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Silk Road Cities You Should Put on Your Bucket List

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Silk Road Cities

Traveling has become an obsession for most people. Thanks to the industry, there are a lot of ways you can use to travel. Cars, trains, buses, airplanes, etc. are nowadays used more than in the past. Also, people have the opportunity to travel more often than before. Nowadays, you can reach every part of the world quite easily. The important thing is to have free time which you can spend on traveling. If you have an opportunity to travel for a long period, do not miss it! In the case that you do not know what your future destination should be, we are going to present to you some of the silk road cities which you can visit this year!

Before you visit the most popular silk road cities, you need to prepare for your travel

Once you have decided that silk road cities are on your list, you need to make good preparation. Keep in mind that for this type of traveling, you will need to have a lot of time. So, pack your belongings and start planning the route. Decide whether you are going to travel by plane only or you will use buses or trains during your journey as well. Do not hurry to prepare for your vacation. Also, when we present to you which cities you should visit, you will know how to prepare for them properly.

What does the silk road mean?

The history of the silk road is very interesting. The Silk Road was a network which used to connect East and West. However, thanks to the moving companies, shipping, and transporting, nowadays it is still present in this area. You can easily ship your cargo from Far East to Middle East. To give you an example, by using sea freight, you can ship your belongings from China to Saudi Arabi easier and faster than in the past. So, the Silk Road was central for economics, cultural, political, and religious connection between East and West from the 2nd century BCE till the 18th century. When you mention this route, it often means connecting the entire Asia continent, Persia, Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and Southern Europe.

Why visiting silk road cities can be useful?

One of the main reasons why you should visit some of these cities is because of history. As we mentioned, the silk road dates back from BCE till the 18th century. So, if you are interested in history and you love visiting historical places, be sure that on this journey, you will have a lot of things to see. Even if some of the cities have become modern in architectural meaning, you will still find some parts of the cities which are kept in the way they were in the past. So, prepare yourself to experience and see the real history! What are the cities which you should put on your bucket list?

Visit Istanbul, Turkey

Known as one of the oldest cities (ex Constantinopolis and ancient Byzatiums), Istanbul is a real paradise for tourists. With a population of over 15 million people, this is the biggest city in Turkey. There are a lot of touristic attractions to do and see. However, the places from the past which you can see are beautiful. For example, visiting Hagia Sophia is definitely a thing you should do. This is a former Orthodox church which has become an Ottoman Imperial mosque after the fall of Constantinopolis. You can also cruise around Instabul and get a better image of the city. In the city center, you will see a lot of street markets in which you can find a lot of different things. Traditional food, coffee, teas, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc. are some of the main items which you can find in Istanbul for a cheap price!

Beirut, Lebanon

Officially known as the Lebanese Republic, Beirut is another city on the list of the silk road cities. Similar to Istanbul, if you are interested in history, you will have an opportunity to visit and see a lot of historical places. The city of Beirut has a population of over 361,366 people. So, it is not that big, which can make your visit to this place more relaxed. Recognized languages in this state are English and French. So, you will not have a problem communicating with people.

Jaisalmer, known as the Golden City

Located in the Indian State of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is famous for the name of the Golden City. Although it has a population of over 65,000 people, there are still interesting things you can visit and see in this city. The nickname the Golden City is because of the yellow sand and the yellow sandstone which were used in the architecture. In the city, you can visit Jaisalmer Fort, Jain Temple, Bada Bagh, Gadi Sagar Lake, and other interesting places that this city has.

Dunhuang, China

This city is located in northwestern Gansu Province, in Western China. The population of this city is 186,027 people. The first appearance of the city is dating from 2,000 BC. So, like other cities from the list, there are a lot of historical places to visit. You can visit Mogao Caves, Echoing-Sand Mountain, Yumenguan Pass, Ancient City of Dunhuang, etc. The important thing is that for all these tours, you will have a tourist guide who will tell you more about the history of the city and what is around it.

Having an opportunity to visit Silk Road Cities is the privilege

As you can see, visiting the Silk Road Cities a real benefit! The cities which we have presented to you are the most popular ones. However, there are plenty more of them on the list. If you have an opportunity to visit some of these cities, do it. You will be able to see historical places which are not touched. Even some of the cities are big and became modern, they are still saving their tradition and protecting historical places. So, if you decide to visit some of these places, be sure that you are going to love it!