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Microsoft Office 2010 is one of the most widely used office suites across the world. This popularity stems from the several features that it is associated with. These features are technological much more advanced and thus make it extremely task oriented, efficient and productive. It’s GUI or the graphical user interface is one of the most striking feature of the Microsoft Office 2010.

Some of the important salient features of the Microsoft Office 2010 include:

  • Editing tools for pictures and other media are much more enhanced and advanced,
  • A functionally enhanced paste button which enables the user to choose from the multitude of options available thereby saving both time and effort,
  • Two features were newly added to Microsoft Excel 2010 , the Slicer and the Sparklines, which help the user to provide extra summary and other significant details about the data present in the excel sheet,
  • “Broadcast Slide Show” was a feature that was added to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 which enabled the user to broadcast a presentation almost immediately after it was made.
  • Replacement of the Office button with the Menu Button which, when clicked, helps navigate the user to “Backstage View” which provided a full window file menu etc.

Other new features that were added include the author permissions, the background removal tool, the SmartArt templates and the screen capture tools which make Office 2010 a very popular office suite especially for people involves in sales and marketing, research and development and human resources etc.

The goal of MS Office 2010 was to make office life simpler and it has been successfully able to achieve this goal. This is evident from the popularity of this software in almost every sphere of professional lives right from schools and colleges to small companies, large organisations, multi-nationals etc.

But in order to be able to access all of these features and to avail the benefits that they offer, this product needs to be a genuine licensed product, activated with the help of the MS Office 2010 key.

What is the ms office 2010 key

It is actually a product key, also known as a license key, and comprises of a series of alphanumeric characters the sequence of which is unique to every licensed copy of the software. This product key facilitates the activation of the Office 2010 copy to its premium version thereby enabling the user to unleash its full power.

This MS Office 2010 key comprises of 25 digits which are grouped in sets of 5 and separated by a “-“. The availability of this key depends on the method used by the user to procure it. There are generally 3 ways by which this product key can be procured:

  • As a printer sticker inside the product box when purchased in the form of a CD or DVD,
  • From the dealer from whom the software has been purchased and
  • Through the email if the Microsoft MS Office has been procured online.

This product key needs to be stored in a safe and secure place because the loss of the product key would render the software useless if it needs to be re-installed in the future for any reason. As is the case with all Microsoft products, a grace period of a month or 30 days is provided to the user within which he has to activate the Microsoft Office 2010 software installed. In fact the purchase of the Microsoft Office 2010 software needs to be done based on the bit option of the computer. Hence if the computer is of a 32 bit version, the Office 2020 also has to be of the same version and if it is a 64 bit version the Office 2020 product key too has to be the same. In order to understand the bit version of the Microsoft Office 2010 that needs to be installed, one needs to know the bit version of the OS that is installed. This can be done by:

  • Navigating to the system properties by right-clicking on the Computer option after opening the Start menu.
  • The system type is mentioned here and can be viewed.

The difference between a 32-bit and a 64-bit computer actually lies in the performance of the processor with regards to its information handling. While the 64-Bit can process large amounts of information in the form of RAM or random access memory, the 32-bit computer is relative less effective in handling such huge amount of information.

If it becomes necessary to understand the Bit version of Microsoft Office 2020 installed and the type of key that has been used for activation, it is necessary for the user to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Find here where the location folder of the installed Microsoft Office 2010 is located on the desktop or laptop,
  • Then the user needs to navigate to the executable file and right click on it to access its properties and
  • Then click on the Details tab to obtain the version of the MS Office 2010 that is being used in the computer.

Need for a genuine MS Office 2010 key

Since one has to pay a certain cost to obtain the Microsoft Office 2010 software, it is only fair for them to have access to all the advanced features offered by it. This right can be accessed by the use of a genuine MS Office 2010 key for the activation of the product. This key thus needs to be entered during or after the installation of the software so that Microsoft knows that the user has purchased a genuine copy and thus is eligible for the full use of the product. In fact once Microsoft is certain of the genuinity of the software being used, it keeps updating the user’s system so that it remains in sync with any new changes that get incorporated in the software.

Inability to activate a genuine version of the MS Office software using the MS Office 2010 key can lead to an impaired system wherein the user will not be able to take full advantage of all the superb features that Microsoft has incorporated in its Office 2020 version. Look here and understand that the activation should be done immediately as soon as the software is installed.

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