Root Canal Treatment: Who Needs It and Why?

Root Canal Treatment

Can you still save the tooth which is severely decayed or damaged by bacteria? Yes, you can with the help of a root canal treatment (RCT). The therapy is best suited to manage a tooth that is damaged or infected beyond repair. It is used in cases where a dental filling is no longer the viable treatment option for a cavity. In fact, any severe dental infection can require RCT as it can be restored by traditional procedures.

With root canal, you don’t need to get the decayed tooth pulled out or extracted when you can save it for aesthetic, and some functional purposes as well. The purpose of RCT, which is actually a pulp therapy procedure, to remove the damaged pulp tissue from the tooth and kill the tooth and keep it intact in the mouth. After the treatment, not only the affected tooth is saved, but the unbearable pain is also gone.

So, it’s always better to consult a top dentist in Delhi and know the best course of action for decayed tooth. And if you don’t want to lose the tooth ever, it’s always better to go for root canal.

Who needs it?

Root canal is a treatment for infected or injured pulp and its purpose is to repair a tooth before its extraction. RCT becomes necessary because when the pulp gets diseased or injured, it cannot repair itself and the tissue thus dies.

  • The treatment is required for those with a deep cavity or a cracked tooth or a loose filling to minimize the risk of bacteria entering the pulp
  • If RCT is not done, the bacteria can destroy the pulp and enter through the root openings to cause an infection in the bone
  • The therapy prevents any bacterial infection from weakening the bone and causing its erosion
  • RCT can also strop the tooth from becoming loose in the wake of swelling to the ligaments around the tooth
  • Anyone will pulp injury should go for this treatment else the tooth can become sensitive to high and low temperatures of foods and drinks
  • The infection will spread if the treatment is not done thus making the tooth loose and requiring extraction
  • Opting for extraction may take away the immediate pain but it can cause issue of teeth moving and becoming crooked over time
  • RCT can remove the pain as well as save the tooth

Advantages of Getting a Root Canal

Relieve all the pain and discomfort – Severe dental caries often brings great pain which something becomes unbearable. The toothache can be that intense to even disturb the normal functionality like eating and chewing and biting. The pain can cause sleepless nights which nobody would like to go through. For that reason, RCT is helpful as it can get rid of all the pain and discomfort than dental caries may cause ever.

You won’t lose the infected tooth – A root canal becomes necessary in cases where patients want to avoid tooth extraction. So, this treatment can help you avoid losing a tooth and rather salve it for functional and aesthetic purposes. With the treatment, the pulp tissue will be removed to take away all the pain or pain symptoms. Even if the tooth loses all its functionality and role, it will continue to be in the mouth for support.

Save money – Even if you go for tooth extraction in place of RCT, it means you will require in future a prosthesis to get the tooth back. Such prosthesis is quite costly in nature and can cost a lot more than root canal. And if the purpose is to save the tooth eventually, you can then benefit from root canal which is affordable. So, look to save money with a right treatment and enjoy the best of dental health as well.

TMJ disorders – You should never worry about root canal treatment cost and rather see its advantages instead. If you don’t go for this treatment and rather prefer extraction, it can cause movement to the teeth leading to changes in the bites. Such changes may also lead to TMJ disorders or occlusion issues of the jawbone. So, stay informed of the choices at hand and benefit from root canal.

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