Risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC


When considering the best way to move, people usually decide to hire professional movers. This is not because they’re lazy and don’t want to do the work themselves or because they’re too spoiled. Moving is quite a task. It’s not just packing up and transporting your belongings to wherever you’re going, it’s much much more. From planning the process to all the complications that tend to occur, it demands a set of very strong nerves. So hiring movers really is the best and sometimes even the cheapest way to go believe it or not. But of course, as with everything in life, there’s always something that can go wrong. Here are some possible risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC.


Amateur movers are almost always inexperienced. They will surely try to do the job the best that they can, but they won’t always know how to. This is especially plausible if you have some special requests that they haven’t dealt with yet. When you’re moving with amateur movers in NYC the risks are many.

A mover loading moving boxes into a van
Hire professionals, don’t take risks with amateur movers in NYC

No portfolio

Another one of the many risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC is that you have no previous work of theirs available. This means that you’ll have to practically go blindly into this. Even if they do have some previous work for comparison, can you really believe it? There’s no consistency in the data that’s gathered. Therefore you can’t rely on anything they tell you about the company.


As far as the risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC go, this one is by far the worst. Every not and then you can hear stories about someone going to a moving company and paying a lot of money and then, well, nothing. They just disappear. This is even more likely to happen today. Everything that we do, we do over the Internet. This gives fraud a great advantage that it didn’t have before.

Hire professionals

Because of these and many more possible risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC, it’s smarter to just hire professional ones. There’s a great variety to choose from, anyway. Ones like capitalcitymovers.us are really flexible and strive to fulfill all your needs.

Two people packing stuff
Packing services are also something movers provide

Not everything is that black though

Although there are all these risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC and more, not everything is so black. If you do a bit more research and get to see that they are who they say they are, hiring them could actually have some benefits. One of them is certainly saving some money because they’ll want to build a good reputation in order to be able to compete with bigger and better companies. Just be careful, that’s all. What you can do is ask them questions and see if they pass your evaluation.

The first feeling is usually right

When it comes to risks of moving with amateur movers in NYC, it’s the same as with everything else. Trust your gut instinct and then take a few more necessary steps to see if you were right. Good luck!