How to Remove Watermark

Watermarking in PDF documents signifies the authority of the owner and prevents it from certain modifications. Either text or image watermark can be added to the PDF documents. But, sometimes it is troublesome to read watermarked PDFs. Therefore, users search for the solution to delete watermark in PDF files. Though watermark can be removed easily the situation becomes worse when the file is secured. It is not an easy process to remove watermark from secured PDF files, therefore, to make users problem easy here, we have described simple solutions which help users to erase watermark from secured PDF files.

Advanced Solution: In order to remove watermark from protected PDF document firstly unlock the file using PDF File Unlocker Tool and after that used SysTools PDF File Watermark Remover Tool to erase PDF watermark.

Why Users Demand to Remove Watermark from Secured PDF Files

“I wanted project thesis on College Management System. I searched and downloaded some files from the web in PDF file format. I was very happy to find these files as half of my documentation work can be done by using it & now I had to focus on the project design. But, in the last week when I opened these PDF files I found the image watermark which affects the file readability. I want to delete image watermark on PDF document on an urgent basis. But, I don’t have the Adobe Acrobat program which can be used to get rid of this watermark. So, can anyone tell me a simple solution to resolve this problem? Thanks!!”

“I received some tax forms in PDF file format & I need to create the documentation using this form data. But, this PDF form contains the watermark which creates some readability issues. So, I decided to remove watermark from PDF tax form by using Adobe Acrobat Pro program. But, when I proceed, I was encountered with the error message “You don’t have permission to perform the task”. I searched for the error and found that file is secured due to which I cannot delete watermark in PDF. So, can anyone suggest the reliable approach which could help me to remove watermark from the protected PDF form.”

Reliable Approach to Remove Security from Protected PDF Files

To remove restrictions from the document it is suggested to use the professional software i.e. SysTools PDF File Unlocker. This software allows users to remove any type of restrictions present in the PDF document. Moreover, this application does not require the internet connection to carry out the process. Users just need to download the software and remove restrictions. Moreover, one can easily unlock restricted PDF file by using this application also. Once the file gets unsecured it can be used for the watermark removal process. In the next section, we have described some methods delete watermark in PDF files.

Manually Remove Watermark from Secured PDF

Adobe Acrobat program can be used to remove text or image watermark from protected PDF files. Users have followed these simple steps for watermark removal:

1- Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro program
2- Open the watermarked PDF document
3- Go to Tools option & choose Edit PDF
4- Then, click the Watermark option from the list
5- After that, select Remove option

After completing these steps users can save the document at any desired location. The resultant PDF document is free from any watermark.

Note: Adobe Acrobat program can remove watermark from secured PDF document but, it is needed to have the full version of the software to execute the process. As we know the full version of the software is highly expensive, therefore, we would suggest using another utility.

Alternative Solution to Delete Text or Image Watermark in PDF

SysTools PDF Watermark Remover is the reliable solution to remove watermark from protected PDF document. It provides the facility to remove both texts as well as image watermark. The software also supports the batch PDF watermark removal process, it does not have any limitation on the number of PDF files to remove the watermark. Any type of logo, stamp or signature watermark can be removed using this tool.

Know How Tool Erase Watermark from Protected PDF

1- Launch the software to remove watermark in PDF

2- Add PDF files or Folder & choose the destination location

3- Click Next button to proceed for watermark removal process

4- Click the Start button and remove watermark from protected PDF


Generally, PDF watermark makes document secure but at times it affects readability. Therefore, here in this blog post, we have described the best methods that can be used to remove watermark from secured PDF files. Users can select any method to delete watermark in PDF documents as per their requirement.

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