React Native Vs Xamarin

Billions of Smartphones available in this world. That’s why Millions of Applications are available in the Market, Either Google Play Store, AppStore, or any other platform. And the Demand for New applications is Highly Scalable.

Developers are Creating so many applications for smartphone users as per the tremendous Demand. As per Analysis, you’ll see tons of applications available in the Market, and If you’re a developer who wants to develop an application, then I’m sure you’ll see an alternative or your competitor application in the Market. So before Creating any application, make sure you’re Creating something Unique, Eye-catching, and Easy to use.

And for Creating an Eye-catching, Powerful and Easy Use Application, you need some Advanced Tools and Features.

And if you’re looking for the Best tools for Creating applications, then Two names come into your mind, i.e., React Native and Xamarin. So let’s see how these tools can help you to Build amazing Applications.

In this article, We’ve covered an in-depth Comparison between React Native &Xamarin tools and Figure out which is best for you.

What is React Native?

React Native is a Popular JavaScript-based Mobile Application Framework. With the help of this Framework, you can build applications for both iOS and Android Platforms. It’s a framework, so you don’t need to start creating applications from scratch. You can easily, Pick components and start building applications. Facebook developed this Framework as an open-Source Project in 2015. And now it’s a Trending Framework used by so many Developers to Build High-Quality applications by using this Framework.

Pros and Cons of React Native


  • You can Build Applications Faster by using Components and Framework
  • One Framework can use for Multiple Platforms like iOS and Android
  • It’s working Fast
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Larger Community


  • Lack of some Customisation
  • Need Native Developer
  • Sometimes debugging issues

What is Xamarin?

Its Software was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. It’s a platform used to develop Cross-Platform mobile applications by offering many tools to Developers.

It’s a Framework also to develop Cross-Platform applications for Mobile. There are various Frameworks to develop Cross-Platform mobile applications, but Xamarin is Unique because it offers C# and Runtime for both platforms (iOS, Windows, and Android).

Using the Xamarin framework, you can Create applications that Easily run on any platform like – iOS, Android, and Windows.

The reason behind the popularity of Xamarin is that this Framework used C# to create a Reuse Codebase so that it can run on any platform easily. There are so many benefits of using Xamarin that help in Performance and Productivity.

Pros and Cons of Xamarin


  • You can develop Application Faster
  • Native Applications
  • This Framework shared Application Logic
  • API Integration
  • Using C#
  • It has Components Store


  • Time-consuming UI Development
  • Have Issue in App File Size

React Native Vs Xamarin (Comparison)

These two tools are Now in Trend, and that’s why a complete comparison is necessary. If You’re a developer, you can better understand the importance of creating an application that works on both iOS and Android platforms.

You know that Android applications are created but do not Run on the iOS platform. If you’re a Developer and Creating applications, then Using React Native or Xamarin can help you build applications that work on Both platforms.

Let’s begin with some Major factors comparison between both Tools.

#1 Market Share

React Native: We can Predict the Demand for React native is High based on Fortune 500 companies and startups now using React Native tool. The most popular websites using React Native are A British Daily newspaper, ScienceDirect, Frontline Recruitment and many more Using these tools to build their Websites. But what if I told you that – Facebook, Tesla, Walmart, and Many Giant companies are also using React Native tools. That’s how you can predict the Demand and Use of React Native tools.

Xamarin: This tool is Acquired by Microsoft. 15,000+ companies Highly use this technology. The Major use of Xamarin is that you can Develop Cross-Platform applications, and Also Developers can reuse Code, Where developers can Test the product any Debugging. There are so many applications using this tool are Novarum (Medical Application), CA Mobile (Mobile Banking), Story (Movie Maker), and Foundbite (Audio Sharing), and so many applications using this tool in the Market.

Winner: Well, it’s a Tie because Both have strong Market Value

#2 Availability

React Native: It’s a Free Tool you can Use to Build Applications / Websites for Both Android and iOS Platforms. Helps you to Build Eye-catching and Easy Use Websites.

Xamarin: You’ll Get a Free Version, but for Extra Features, you need to Switch to Premium Tools. So, you can use the basic features, but for Advance Use, you need to purchase a premium plan.

Winner: React Native is a Clear Winner

#3 Compilation

React Native: In React Native, If you’re developing an iOS application, Compilation is not Possible. Just in Time (JIT), the compilation is not possible because React Native back into JavaScript Code.

Xamarin: In Xamarin, Both are possible, i.e., Just in Time (JIT) & Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation are possible by C++ Language. By using AOT compilation in iOS. Compared to JIT, AOT compiles faster.

Winner: Based on faster Compilation, Xamarin is Winner

#4 Development Environment

React Native: For React Native application, uses Expo to Debug and Develop. Using React Native’s built-in Feature, you don’t need a Full Application to Reload after some Changes or Modification.

Xamarin: It is a more powerful tool because, in Xamarin, you can write code for iPhone applications in Windows and Easily compile for Mac OS. So, you can Write once and Compile any other platform.

Winner: Xamarin is a Winner

#5 Framework

React Native: React Native is a Modern one-way data flow for more Productivity. If you’re doing JavaScript Web Development, then using React Native can be more helpful for you.

Xamarin: For those using ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, or other MV developers, using Xamarin can be the Best choice for Framework.

Winner: It’s a Tie because both tools are in Demand

#6 Readymade Components

React Native: All Components and Readymade elements are in one place with Better documentation so that it’s easy for you to use these components.

Xamarin: In Xamarin, the components are divided into two parts, i.e., NuGet and Components Store. But with Easy Interface, you can access these components.

Winner: Both React Native and Xamarin are Winners because both tools have Components but Still React Native is Better

#7 Community and Assistance

React Native: it’s a tool that comes with the Support of Developers.

Xamarin: You’ll get Good Assistance in the Xamarin tool. Those websites that used Xamarin get good assistance found in Stack overflow, Blogs, community support, and Forums.

Winner: The winner is Xamarin

Final Words

Overall, You’ve seen a Complete in-depth Comparison between React Native and Xamarin. Because both tools are so powerful and give a tough fight, both tools framework is used to Build High-Quality applications and websites. And As you see a complete Comparison of all factors, You’ll get who wins in their area. Now it’s completely up to you to decide which one is better for you and your Work Requirements. With the help of these tools, it’s easy for you to transform your ideas and concepts into Reality by using these tools. React Native and Xamarin both frameworks are used for Developing Apps and Websites, For Testing purposes, and Implement modifications.

If you’re looking for one of these tools, then After reading this article, you can pick the best tool based on your work requirements. Overall Summary, React Native tools have capabilities to debug Visual Studio code, and another side Xamarin can be used to debug Xcode Simulator for iOS.

Hopefully, after finishing this article, you can pick the best Framework.

By Andy