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Pros and Cons of Using Social Media

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Pros and Cons of Using Social Media

In today’s world social media is an important aspect of everyone’s life. You will hardly come across anyone with zero social media presence. From young children to old people almost everyone has a social media account. There are various different social media platforms which are used by people across the world. Each of these platforms has different purposes. For instance, Instagram and Snapchat are mainly used for sharing pictures; LinkedIn is used for professional purpose, and Facebook can be used to connect with people both personally and professionally.

With the passage of time and advancement of technology, social media is getting more accessible for the users. As compared to earlier times, it is now easier to have an online presence. However, like other things social media too has both negative and positive sides to it. Following are discussed some of the pros and cons of using social media

Pros of using social media

Some of the positive aspects of using social media are as follow

Creates awareness

Social media creates awareness regarding various topics among the new generation. The younger generation is now more socially aware than their parents or grandparents were at their age. Social media has also played a vital role in disarming the stigma against mental health issues like depression, anxiety and create a better understanding of the ones like stress and over thinking.

Reduces loneliness

Social media helps old people to reduce or finish their loneliness. Having an online presence makes them feel connected to the outside world and they also get a distraction from their otherwise monotonous life. It also lets them connect with their children who live in other cities or countries and cannot visit frequently.

Lets a person raise his voice

Social media gives the freedom of speech to people. Now people are more vocal about their concerns regarding the society. Social media has given the young generation a platform to voice their thoughts.

Increased number of voters

Due to social media, people are more politically aware and understand the different political situations. This has lead to an increased number of voters at the time of elections. In the past, voting was not considered an important step towards the welfare of the state due to unawareness. However, this mindset has changed now due to social media.


Social media has increased feasibility in a lot of ways. Students can post their academic query online and get various solutions. Companies can post the job openings on their social media accounts which make it easier for the job seekers to search and apply for the position. People can find and connect with their old friends which used to be quite difficult in the past. Hence, there are a lot of areas of life which have become easier and feasible because of social media.

Cons of social media

Following are some of the negative aspects to social media

Waste of time

Social media is often considered as a waste of time. Especially for people who are addicted to it and stay on the platforms without any sense of time management and responsibility. Mostly teenagers spend a large chunk of their dray on social media and procrastinating.

Decreased productivity

People who spend a lot of their time on social media often face next to zero productivity throughout the day. The lack of productivity can be professionally, academically or personally. Their prolonged hours of procrastination lead them towards having a nonproductive mind and lazy body.

Affected grades

Students who spend a lot of their time on social media often get bad grades at the end of their semester. While being on social media they lose the track of time and continue to waste their day which then results in deteriorated grades. Spending time on social media cuts down their study hours. It also disturbs their routine which then results in missed alarms and skipped early morning classes.

Increased mental and physical health issues

Excess use of social media increases brain disorders and physical health problems. Spending the entire day on social media switching from one platform o another causes pressure and stress on the brain which then results in mental disorders like depression, anxiety, hypertension etc. It not only affects the mental health but also the physical health. Continuous eye contact with screen causes strain on the optical nerves causing different problems out of which the most common one is myopia. Staying on social media means sitting or laying somewhere for hours doing no physical activity which then results in obesity, BP issues and other health issues.

Increased rate of hatred and vulgarity

While social media played an important part in the positive aspects of the society, it also played a huge role in spreading vulgarity and hatred. Regardless of the gender, people send unsolicited vulgar messages to others on the platform which often elevates to a further level promoting nudity and explicit content. Similarly social media portrays a partial image of people’s actual lives. However, often people fail to understand that and gets jealous at the accomplishments which their friends post on social media.

Social media is an excellent invention of the modern times however, it should be used positively in order to maintain its usefulness and avoid its negative impacts. There are a lot of ways which could be adopted in our everyday life in order to use social media wisely and minimize its negative use and impact on the society.

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Ahmad Raza is a professional writer working on content marketing firm with 4 years of experience. He is also work for the students on their academic writing problems and  provide the essay writing service online. He is also doing affiliate marketing and have running affiliate blogs.

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