A Spanish flag

Many are looking to start over and settle down somewhere new. That is certainly why living overseas is becoming extremely popular. Many destinations all over the world are in demand. Yet, Spain seems to be the front runner in this competition. Nevertheless, we all have a different appetite when it comes to living it large, so starting over in Spain might not be the best choice for everyone. Before you make any radical decision, you should weigh your pros and cons. Don’t know what they are? Well, you have come to the right place.

Here is everything you need to know before starting over in Spain

Pump the breaks! Don’t visit movingtransparent.com just yet. They can facilitate your move to Spain later on. First, you need to learn all the important pros and cons, before you move forward with any relocation. Living in Spain might sound exotic and adventurous, still, it is not for everybody.

Pros for starting over in Spain

Here is why moving to Spain might be a great option for you…

The food is always fresh and seasonal

In Spain, people love to base their dishes and recipes on local seasonal ingredients. The prices of food are very reasonable and that is why residents of Spain have the opportunity to eat healthy and delicious meals all year long. In other words, if you decide to move to Spain, you will have a chance to prepare healthy dinners and lunches whenever you like. Even the baked goods are considered to be healthy since they are made with fresh ingredients.

A Spanish paella served in a large dish
Staring over with an authentic Spanish paella sure sounds mouthwatering.

Rental prices are extremely affordable  

In comparison to other countries that are in demand, renting a property in Spain is noticeably cheaper. For instance, the same apartment will be 200 euros cheaper in Barcelona, in comparison to other large cities in Germany, UK, France, etc. This means you would have a chance to live in a nicer part of the city for a decent price. This type of savings can certainly add up over time.

Public transportation system is on point

As a foreigner, you will need to use public transportation, at least at first. Taxis, busses, and metro together make up a great transportation network. Not only is it a well-oiled machine but it is also very affordable. A ticket would cost anywhere from 1 to 2 euros. However, there are options to purchase a weekly or monthly pass. By doing so you can save a nice bundle of cash.

People sitting on a public bus.
Public transpiration is well organized and fairly cheap.

The weather is for the most part pleasant

If you are a fan of sunshine and warm weather, this just might be the perfect place for you to start over. Still, we must mention that sometimes during the summertime the temperatures can rise up to 40C. Which gives you the perfect excuse the hit one of the many gorgeous beaches that Spain has to offer. If that is not enough of cooldown for you visiting the mountains is also an option. You have many options to choose from so plan a memorable mountain vacation with your friends.

Cons why not to starting over in Spain

Now that we know the major upsides, it is time to learn all the downsides to living in Spain.

Limited export options when it comes to food

We already mentioned that the foods sold in Spain are seasonal. This means that it might be a long time until you can have some of your favorite foods. You will have to wait for the season to come around once again. This can make food choices limiting and maybe a bit boring. In case you find stores that support imported products, it is very likely that those products will have a hefty price attached to them.

Utilities will hit your bank account like never before

The prices of utilities are much higher in Spain than the European average. Yes, you will save a lot of dough on rent, but you will also spend a lot on utilities. You must keep this factor in mind when choosing a property to rent. Don’t get carried away with the rental property price. Look at it as a package. Price of renting and price of utilities put together. Once you have that sum in front of you, figure out can you afford it.

Real estate prices are through the roof

If you are looking to buy a property in Barcelona, for example, be ready to pay up. The price per square meter can go up to 6000 euros. Larger real estate properties in big cities can easily break half a million euros. Thus, unless you make big bucks, purchasing a home might not be in your cards.

Not a great place for individuals that are not super social

Spanish natives are very social, and they can chat away for long periods of time, even if they just met you. This is great if you are planning your first solo trip and you want to be surrounded by people that like to communicate and that are willing to help. Though, if you aren’t a social butterfly this fact will really bug you. Maybe even cause you some light anxiety. So, don’t be surprised that a random person wants to chat with you. The lady at the register or a simple salesperson will want to tell you their life story like they have known you forever.

3 girls hanging out, talking and laughing
If being social keeps you going through the day, you just found your perfect nesting place. Spanish people are very social and friendly.

The final verdict

So, is starting over in Spain the right option for you? Well, unfortunately for you we cannot answer that question for you. We can only give you some information that will help you make this decision on your own. One thing is for sure, you should move to Spain only once you have secured your employment. Spain is not extremely expensive, but all the little expenses sure add up. Spain will give you the opportunity to live an exciting, culturally rich and laid-back life. If that sounds like something that the doctor ordered, start planning your Spanish relocation.