What Landowners Should Know About Pole Barn Homes

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People everywhere dream of moving to the country, building a new home, and living a life that feels a little freer. Unfortunately, many assume that dream home is out of reach when in reality, it just takes a little extra ingenuity to get there. Pole barn builders know that there’s an alternative to the expensive, lengthy process of constructing a stick-framed home, and they’re happy to lend their services to aspiring country living enthusiasts. Before putting a down payment on some land, though, read on to learn the basics about pole barn homes, also known as barndominiums.

The Benefits of Barndo Life

Let’s get one misconception out of the way immediately. Barndominium living is nothing like living in an actual barn. These homes are spacious, comfortable, inviting, and fully customizable to meet any person, couple, or family’s needs.

There are, however, several key benefits that set pole barn homes apart from their traditional counterparts. They include:

  • Less stringent site preparation requirements.
  • Lower building costs.
  • Faster construction times.
  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Open floor plans.
  • Greater durability.

Key Differences Between Barndos and Traditional Homes

These benefits of barndos are all derived from one key difference between post-frame and stick-frame construction. While stick-framed homes are constructed using a network of 2x4s that form load-bearing walls, pole barn houses feature post-and-beam construction. The posts are set in concrete footings, which can take the place of a traditional foundation entirely, and are thick enough to support the full weight of the structure’s roof. The exterior walls of a pole barn home are more like cladding, functioning to keep the interior safe from the elements but not to keep the structure intact.

Pole Barn Homes

How to Design the Perfect Pole Barn Home

Designing the perfect barndominium starts with finding the right builder. Working with a company that specializes in building pole barn homes is always the best option. Unlike traditional contractors, specialized pole barn builders know the ins and outs of not just building but also barndo design.

The design process should always start with a clear picture of both where the home will be located, including any potential complications presented by the site selection, and what the most important priorities are for the landowner. For some people, keeping costs low is the most important issue, in which case a smaller pole barn home with steel cladding and metal roofing, and standard-sized windows and doors will be the best option. For others, curb appeal takes precedence and it’s worth customizing the exterior of the home to match the landscape or the future homeowner’s personality.

Every pole barn home is different. Landowners who want to wind up with their dream homes need to communicate their expectations clearly to the builder and remain responsive to questions throughout the construction process.

How to Get Started

Already have the perfect design in mind and property to accommodate a new pole barn home? The next step is to reach out to local pole barn builders to request quotes. From there, the contractor will help with turning the landowner’s ideas into a reality.