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Ah, the summer is here. The rainy spring is over the sunny, cloudless sky is here to stay. So how are you to enjoy these warm days? Well by going on a summer vacation of course. During every summer you should delegate at least two weeks where you will head to a new place and enjoy yourself. But, as it is with all trips, you will need to plan yours. And, is it turns out, planning a summer vacation with your partner is not as easy as it may seem. So, let us see how you should approach planning yours so that you will have a nice time.

What kind of a summer vacation do you want?

Ok, so you sit down with your partner and say: “Honey, let’s go on summer vacation!” The next thing that happens is pure joy. Both you and your partner are happy since you are both thinking about the nice time you are going to have. But, the thing that you probably don’t realize is that the vacation you are imagining and the vacation your partner is imagining, may not be the same. In fact, they may even not be remotely similar. Different people have a different idea of what the ideal summer vacation is like. So, the first thing that you need to do when planning a summer vacation with your partner is to figure out what kind of a vacation you want.

Enjoying the beach

In essence, there are two types of vacation that suited for a couple. You can either find a nice place on a beach and spend a week or two there, or you can visit an interesting city. If you opt for the first one, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. First, are you going to an all-inclusive hotel or do you plan on renting an apartment for a couple of weeks? Secondly, you need to consider which beach you are heading to. There are some great beaches in the USA, which is why you need to pick one as soon as possible. Try to find one which is close by so that your trip doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Exploring a nice city

If, on the other hand, you and your partner want to experience and new culture and explore an interesting city, then you have different things to consider. First, you need to agree on which city you are going to visit. Second, you need to agree on why are you visiting that city. Let’s say that you went to a specific city because you wanted to see history, and your partner went there because they want to shop. Well, neither of you is going to have a good time. This is why you need to agree upon why are you going. Our advice is to make your vacation all about romance. Pick one of the world’s most romantic destinations and rekindle your relationship. Leave visiting museums and shopping for winter months.

Planning a summer vacation with your partner

Once you’ve figured out where you are headed, the time has come to actually plan your vacation. Now, in order to do this properly, you need to start on time. Planning a summer vacation with your partner, without spending a fortune, requires you to schedule things months in advance. So, the sooner you start planning a summer vacation with your partner, the better.

Research the place

You need to research the place you are heading to before you get there. This is true whether you are going on a vacation, visiting it or planning to move there. So, if you plan to spend a summer in Miami, look it up. If you might want to relocate to Phoenix, see what it is like to live there. Do your homework. See how you are going to get there and what is the recommended way to travel. Find out where you can go and what is there to visit. Try to find advice from people who have visited the place before. Such pieces of advice can save you both time and money, so don’t postpone looking them up.

When to book

Once you see what the place has to offer, you will have to book your accommodation and your tickets. So, naturally, the question of when to book rises. Well, our advice is to either book months in advance or try to wait for the last minute deal. Now, as you may guess, last minute deals are quite risky. So, as we mentioned before, your best bet is to start planning a summer vacation with your partner a couple of months in advance. This is extremely important when finding airline reservations for traveling abroad. The difference in cost can be staggering. Also, most hotels offer great deals for first-minute reservations. So, if you want your summer vacation to be reasonably priced, start planning it now.

Final tip

Once you have planned a summer vacation with your partner, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, don’t expect to have a dream vacation. Your expectations can simply ruin your vacation. What instead you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself. Try to find pleasure in your partner and all the little things that surround you while on your vacation. Planning a summer vacation with your partner shouldn’t be about expensive yachts and luxurious suits. It should be about you two relaxing and rediscovering why you fell in love in the first place. So, remember, it is not about the place you are heading to, but the journey and the joy you will experience.