Places to see and things to do after moving to Dubai

Ever-expanding city awaits those moving to Dubai

To those who rely on mass media to learn about a destination or a culture, Dubai will always be a monument to grandeur, luxury, and excess. However, those who have traveled here before and are moving to Dubai should know better. This city and emirate in the U.A.E. undoubtedly is a place of superlatives but it offers much more than it advertises. It is difficult to describe it in a single post; the city is ever-growing and ever-changing. Hence, it’s a small wonder that it continues to fascinate ex-pats from all around the world.

Moving to Dubai and what it entails

Moving to Dubai is not a small feat and you should study all travel planning tips you can acquire. Due to its geographic position, Dubai is specific for many things. You would need to make a research about the climate, find a place to live and get familiar with the culture that thrives on opposites. Not only that these opposites attract, but they are entwined in Dubai making it a truly magnificent place to live and work.

So, what does moving to Dubai entails? Continuous adjusting and accustoming, of course. However, you won’t be alone in this endeavor. You can learn a lot from other ex-pats but also from this vibrant city itself. If you wish to get the best from Dubai, you need to go with the flow.

Dubai skyscrapers under construction surrounded by fog.
Perhaps, the only thing constant about Dubai is that it keeps transforming

Places to see after moving to Dubai

To get better acquainted with the true Dubai, we got in touch with a man living there for years. An ex-pat, Srdjan Jovanovic lives in Dubai with his family and is more impressed by what Dubai is than what it shows to the world. Through his photoblog, Eye of the Beholder, he offered us a unique insight into the life of a common man in Dubai.

It has become instantly clear that the city is much more than the impressive hotel tower Burj Al Arab, skyscraper Burj Khalifa or man-made island Palm Jumeirah. Whether you’re moving to Dubai for business or plan to stay long-term, you should use every opportunity to explore its neighborhoods first. It is well worth it.

Dubai neighborhoods

It would be good advice to exercise with affordable and reliable trainer to manage a tempo of everyday life after the move to Dubai. There are so many places to see you will need to be in excellent condition, starting with

  • Garhoud – which is both a residential and commercial zone, close to Dubai International Airport. This suburb, dominated by The Deira City Centre Mall, is interesting for its collection of both more and less prestigious market attractions.
  • Oud Metha – is home to several commercial and entertainment complexes, schools and cultural clubs. In this small suburb, you’ll also find an elegant and beautiful Ismaili Centre, though, you will likely have to admire it from the outside as it accepts only Ismaili Muslims.
  • Karama – is a residential area for the majority of Dubai ex-patriate workforce that also offers a vibrant shopping experience. Local clothing, jewelry, Indian restaurants, and cricket matches are trademarks of this classic Dubai inner-city suburb.
  • Satwa – is one of the oldest continuously occupied urban Dubai neighborhoods. Previously occupied by Arab residents, it houses Pakistanis, Afghans, Indians, and Filipinos now. Perhaps the most obvious contrast between urban, modern, cosmopolitan Dubai and its slum-like residential areas is present right here. Despite its looks, Satwa is home to the most cordial and hospitable people around.
A mosque with a courtyard fountain in Dubai.
While respectful of its Muslim culture, relatively liberal Dubai is a perfect example of how more than 150 nationalities can live and work together.

Things to do in Dubai

Even though Dubai is a synonym for expensive you can still live here on a budget and experience it fully. You can rest assured that you will end your day content, but not simply because travel makes you happier. Dubai offers political and economic stability as well as safety for its diverse ethnicities and nationalities. Once you move to Dubai, you can take your time to visit all its sights and attractions.

Stop by Heritage House 

Like many other buildings from the 1890s, this coral and gypsum representation of a traditional Arabian house has a central courtyard surrounded by rooms facing the sea.

Enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is an exciting 3-weeks event in January featuring special happenings, day and night.

Visit Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup is an homage to the passion for everything horse-related. This extravagantly rich horse race is a magnet for the world’s celebrities.

Desert safari and dune bashing 

Tour operators will take you to desert safaris close to the city. Whether you opt for evening dinner safari, a drive on the dunes or camel-riding, eating authentic Arabic food and watching belly dancing in the Arabian desert will perfectly complement your adventure. However, don’t forget to nourish your skin while traveling and especially before you begin your ride under the hot Dubai sun.

Have dinner on a dhow cruise

Having dinner and cruising Dubai Creek on a traditional sailing vessel such as the dhow is a charming experience. It also offers an opportunity to observe the astonishing contrast between the old city up close and the new city in the background.

Dubai beach shows off a variety of cultures
White sands and turquoise-colored water, that is neither too warm nor too cold, are magnets for tourists and locals alike.

Relax on a beach

Not only private but also public beaches in Dubai are beautiful, clean and safe for swimming. The most colorful mishmash of cultures you’ll find on one of the Dubai beaches, where people of more than 150 different nationalities enjoy watersports and kids’ activities.


The extravagant, bold, expensive, daring Dubai is a global city and a testament to human ambition. Ever since it has started to evolve from a backwater town a few decades ago to a modern-day tourist and commercial hub it attracts people who thrill to be a part of this progressive, expanding and relatively liberal city on the coast of the Persian Gulf.