Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Philippine Airlines is one of the major airlines in the Philippines and operates flights to various destinations worldwide. While the airline strives to provide a seamless travel experience, unexpected situations such as flight cancellations can still occur. In this article, we will discuss the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy and what you need to know in case you need to cancel your flight.

Cancellation Policy

Philippine Airlines has a flexible cancellation policy that allows passengers to cancel their flights and receive a refund or credit, depending on the fare type. The airline offers two fare types: regular and promo fares.

How to Cancel a Flight

Passengers can cancel their flights through the Philippine Airlines website or by contacting the airline’s reservation hotline. To cancel a flight online, passengers need to log in to their booking account and follow the steps to cancel the flight. If the booking was made through a travel agent, passengers need to contact the agent to cancel the flight.

Fees and Charges

Philippine Airlines may charge fees and charges for cancellations, depending on the fare type and the timing of the cancellation. For regular fares, the airline may charge a cancellation fee, which varies depending on the fare and the time of cancellation. For promo fares, the airline may charge a cancellation fee or forfeit the entire fare, depending on the conditions of the fare.


In conclusion, the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy offers flexibility for passengers who need to cancel their flights. Passengers should check the fare conditions before booking their flights and understand the cancellation policy to avoid any surprises. If you need to cancel your Philippine Airlines flight, be sure to do so within the time frame allowed and follow the airline’s procedures to receive a refund or travel voucher.

By daisyrobert

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