Pet-friendly Carpet

Picking up the right carpet for your floor becomes intimidating when you’ve pets. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll understand how difficult it is to select between your pet and a costly carpet. On one side, they pee on your beautiful carpet, turning it dull, whereas, on another side, their sharp nails lead to tears. If your smile has gone due to this stress, then it’s time for you to cheer up.

By choosing the right carpet, you would be able to stay at home with your lovely pet with minimal drama. For that, you need to bear in mind some factors while selecting it, which is advised by a few carpet experts. So, pay heed.

  • Spot resistance is the key:

Amongst the crucial problems with the carpets, the vital one is stains. Pees and spills of pets can lead to spots on carpeting. To save yourself from such accidents, you need a fabric that is stain resistant.

If you’re already in search of the carpet, then you must be knowing that there are different types of materials available in the market. Some stand up to stains very well, while others are a bit susceptive. You can consider natural fibres as they are much sustainable and healthier than artificial versions.

Wool carpets let the fluid to repel rather than absorb deep into its natural fibres. You can also avoid damaging your carpet by cleaning the spills before it turns into a stain. The other spot resistant options amongst synthetic fibres are olefin, polyester, and nylon. Amongst these three, nylon is less costly than the other two; and that’s the reason it’s a popular choice among pet owners.

  • Do not buy loop pile carpets:

Generally, people don’t think in detail, whether to go for a loop pile or cut pile, while purchasing a floor carpet. But those who have a four-legged companion, avoid loop pile carpeting and instead look for loop yarns. Furthermore, some pets like to scratch the carpet material with their nails. You can dodge this by choosing cut-pile carpeting with loop fibres. Hence, Saxony, Axminister, and Frieze have proved themselves ideal materials.

You can also go for a carpet tiles option for a non-slip and soft surface. Even if your pet soils a part of the carpet tiles, then you don’t need to wash the entire area. You can instead remove one tile, clean it, or replace it.

Additionally, you also need to make sure that whatever fabric you’re deciding to choose, your pet isn’t allergic to it. For that, you can find the one which is certified by Green Label Plus as such carpets are safe for your furry companion.

  • Choose the right colour:

Many pet owners find sweeping away their pet’s hair from the carpet a daunting task. If that is the case with you also, then put your mind at rest. You can choose one of two options. Either select the colour that is close to your pet’s fur or go for a mid to darker shade carpet. The former one will minimise the appearance of any dropped hair while the latter one would lessen the stain appearance.

None of the options will wholly diminish your problem, but it will help in disgusting the situation. It will also decrease the importance of regular carpet cleaning and might help to conceal the stains.

Considering the above three aspects would help you to find the right carpet for your floor when you’ve pets at home. But the continuous thing we hear from pet owners is that pets and carpets do not go along together. And that’s the reason why homeowners don’t think about purchasing floor carpet. Therefore, we’ve come up with some facts which will burst your myth, so read ahead.

Is carpet suitable for pet owners?

Of course, it is suitable! There are a few reasons for it.

First of all, it renders comfort. Alike humans, pets also love to walk on a soft floor rather than the hard one. And carpets make a great place to walk and lie down as well. Also, they won’t feel cold during winter, unlike another tiled floor.

The second reason is traction, which enables carpets and pets to go well together. Puppy likes to tumble around the corner, and they need a proper grip. That’s hard to find on hard floors, but with carpet, it’s easy.

Proper maintenance is the Key

Maintenance is vital regardless of the fabric you’re selecting for your floor. Hence, you should know how to keep the carpet clean when you have pets. Don’t forget that the longer the spots will stay on your carpet, the more damage it will make to the fibres. So, remove them as soon as you find them on your carpet, and enjoy your carpet’s aesthetics for the long years along with your four-legged friend.

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