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Perfect Tool for Adobe Acrobat Bates Numbering in PDF Documents

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Page numbering is the best way to arrange a PDF file in a sequential manner. A user can create many PDF files & manage the documents, but at the time of presentation, they will need to have all documents in an arranged way. It’s very hectic to add page numbers & arrange PDF documents manually. So, most of the user’s are looking for an automatic method to perform Adobe Acrobat bates numbering with efficient results guaranteed. In this write-up, we have discussed a perfect solution that will help users to perform the Bates stamping in Adobe Acrobat.

Know the Process of PDF Bates Numbering

The process of adding page numbers to PDF document is known as bates numbering. It is a process which is usually adopted for legal purposes, where a user insert page numbers in PDF documents & easily identify the data. With this Adobe Acrobat bates numbering technique files get organized properly. Moreover, the data can be easily extracted without any waste of time. The PDF Bates Stamping Software by SysTools inserts the page number in header & footer of the documents as well as supports bulk file operation. Some unique facilities featured by the software are listed below:


1. The software can add page numbers to multiple PDF files at once;
2. It helps to remove encryption from protected PDF files;
3. Options to add suffix and prefix with page numbers, firm name, case number, set id, etc. is provisioned;
4. It is not essential to install Adobe Acrobat for bates numbering.

Adobe Acrobat Bates Numbering Syntax

This software helps the user in adding page numbers to PDF document and makes the process easier for a non-technical who lacks the basic Adobe Acrobat knowledge. Basically, it is an independent utility that does not require any application for working. In addition to that, the tool offers the addition of prefix and suffix in the PDF document by using alphanumeric characters as preferred by the user. Here is the example according to XML.

<Bates start=”1″ ndigits=”6″ prefix=”PDF” suffix=”WARE”/>

Some Other Options

  • Add Bates number as the PDF header & footer at Top left, Top Right, Bottom left, and Bottom right
  • Add Bates number and Date in various automatic formats.
  • Bates number format includes Digits and Offset. You can add prefix and suffix to it.

  • Change the text string’s font encode, font name, font style, font size and font color, transparency, underline, strikethrough and more options.

font size adjustment

  • Define the left, right, bottom, and top margins from the page edge.

Get Complete Knowledge About SysTools PDF Bates Numberer

It is a proficient tool that helps in adding page numbers to PDF files. This simple utility makes Adobe Acrobat Bates numbering process simple. To know more about the tool to learn it’s important features:

Key Features

1. Put Bates Numbers in multiple PDF files

Bates Numberer allows users to add numbers in PDF files according to the need, in an automatic manner.

2. Bates Numbers Type

Adobe Acrobat Bates Numbering tool provides many features that efficiently create several numbering patterns for arranging PDF files. By using:

  • Prefix and suffix
  • Alphanumeric digits

3. Additional Text Insertion

You can add additional text in any side to the PDF file as top-right, top-left, bottom-right, or bottom-left.

4. Three Options To Add Bates

With this utility, a user can get all those essential features that effortlessly helps in bates stamping in Adobe Acrobat files.

  • Make PDF Page numbers
  • Produce PDF Bates numbers for file order
  • Create a Bates number and print PDF file

5. Formatting PDF Page Numbers

This option will provide you all those features that help modify; the color, font style, and font size in a few steps.

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SysTools offers an effective range of solutions to manage a variety of issues faced by the user while dealing with PDF files. Here, we provide you the best tool for Adobe Acrobat bates numbering. The software efficiently helps in adding page numbers to PDF without Acrobat installation. It uses alphanumeric characters for adding prefix and suffix for creating a unique set of Bates number.