Newcomer’s guide to Downtown Manhattan

The streets of Downtown Manhattan

Living in New York City, particularly in Manhattan is exciting and fun because it is vibrant and there are always a lot of people. If moving there soon, be prepared for a new lifestyle. Life here is totally different from the rest of the USA. Having a guide to Downtown Manhattan for moving and life after moving is helpful because you will adjust faster.

Where to go, what to visit, what are the costs of living there, how to transport your household items to a new Manhattan apartment, etc. There are a lot of questions to answer, be prepared and organized – it is possible and easy when you have a guide to follow.

Newcomer’s guide to Downtown Manhattan

Lower Manhattan or Downtown Manhattan is one of the most popular areas in Manhattan borough, and it is located in the southmost part of The City. Being a New Yorker is like a dream and moving there is a big step in life. Here is what you should know as a newcomer.

A man feeling sad
Many people are feeling sad after moving, don’t be, prepare yourself

Life here is not cheap

It is not a secret that life in NYC is not cheap and that Manhattan is the most expensive borough here. To know how to save money in New York City, you will need to create a budget and to know how much money you need per month. The unemployment rate is 4% and the taxes are not cheap. The rent is the biggest cost and the average rent per month is $2,900.

You will probably need to get a roommate to split the costs. Most residents here are renting an apartment with a roommate.

Other costs are transportation (most people use a subway here), utilities, food, clothing, etc.

Learn how to deal with a small apartment

Not only that apartments are expensive, but also, they are small. So, learn that less is more and know how to decorate your new place and how to make more storage in your home, without making clutter. When reading a guide to Downtown Manhattan, also learn how to make your home looks bigger and how to furnish a small home.

Say goodbye to boredom

New York City is everything but boring. Say goodbye to boredom after moving here and be prepared for crowded and loud streets, all the time. The Downtown Manhattan area is a popular area here, and there are a lot of tourists besides residents. Visit restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, parks, walk around the neighborhood, etc.

Get a social life

After moving to a new city, it is easy to feel lonely or depressed, even in a big city such as NYC. So, after you are done with the relocation process, try to meet new people. People from work, neighbors, sign for yoga, or a cooking class. There are a lot of options and places to meet new friends. This is how you will feel home after moving.

Guide to moving to Downtown Manhattan

Of course, to become a New Yorker, first, you need to move here. Moving is not an easy task, and it can be really stressful, especially moving to a big city where you don’t know anyone. But, with some help, it may be easier to handle.

  • Packing for moving to NYC – declutter before you pack because you probably won’t have enough space for all your items. Start packing on time and get moving boxes and other packing supplies you need. Items you don’t want to move, you can sell or donate to charity. This way, your relocation to NYC will be cheaper because you are moving fewer items.
  • Hiring a moving company – NYC streets are always busy and crowded, so it is not easy to move your items by yourself. To have a simple relocation in this area you should hire a local moving company to help you out. A reliable mover will also help you as well as having a guide to Downtown Manhattan because they have a lot of experience.

Renting a storage space – you don’t need to get rid of most of your items. Most people in NYC rent a storage unit to store all the items they don’t want in the apartment. Storage units are cheaper than renting a bigger apartment and they are easy to find. You can rent temporary or long-term storage, depending on your needs.

the streets of NYC
NYC is a big city and it not easy to get around the neighborhood when you didn’t learn the streets yet

Places to visit in Downtown Manhattan after moving there

When living in NYC, there are so many things to do. After moving, spend time exploring The City, especially your neighborhood. This way you can meet different people and get new friends. Some of the places you must see as a newcomer in Lower Manhattan are:

  • Wall Street – the most famous street not only in NYC but in the USA
  • Fraunces Tavern – a museum and a bar
  • Bowling Green – the oldest park The City
  • Castle Clinton
  • Schermerhorn Row – a museum
  • Federal Hall – a historic building, now a museum too
  • Trinity Church
  • India House – a maritime museum and a social club
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • African Burial Ground National Monument
  • The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum
Person studying a map
Find places to visit after moving and you will feel more relaxed

Being a newcomer is exciting because you will meet a lot of new people, see different things, try new food, learn about the history, etc. especially in a big city such as NYC. It is useful to have a newcomer’s guide to Downtown Manhattan so you can move with ease and adjust after moving faster because you know what to expect.