Myths and Legends about Private Investigators

Myths and Legends about Private Investigators

Thanks to the cinema, there are many myths about investigators and private investigators. Hollywood has been the main publicity of this profession, with hundreds of movies and series starring private investigators to the point where the actor has become an icon of the investigative world. From Sherlock Holmes to Steve McQueen, who played a famous role as Bullitt through Pepe Carvalho, it’s the basic idea of what a detective is.

So over the years, movies and series have relied on the profession of private detectives to relive investigators into possible crimes, or conspiracies or criminal acts. While it is true that this fictitious world shows the type of detective that aims to get information and evidence to help make decisions, they do not always use legal practices or techniques to get them.

In this way, film, television, and investigative literature have created a legend for investigators who make you think it can happen in real life. For example, detectives can investigate all kinds of crimes without restrictions, investigators can access all kinds of information without restrictions, and detectives can think of audio and video recording anywhere without permission.

It is especially important to know how true the myths and legends of investigators are. Especially when hiring a private detective, you need to make sure you don’t make mistakes or make false expectations.

What is the wrong myth about private investigators in Australia?

The profession of a private detective or private detective in Australia is regulated by the Australia Law Reform Commission, which clearly sets the requirements and legal limits of this profession to become a private detective.

The law not only defines the work ethic that must dominate the profession but also helps to disprove the myths about the detectives we have created.

Therefore, strict adherence to personal security laws can deny certain false myths about the following investigators:

  1. There is no research into the private investigation, but anyone with knowledge of “spy technology”, maybe a detective.
  2. There is no kind of occupation recognized by the Australia Law Reform Commission.
  3. You can investigate all facts, whether criminal or not.
  4. You can investigate anything without a legitimate purpose or interest.
  5. Investigators have access to all types of information without restrictions.
  6. Investigators can make audio and video recordings anywhere without permission in toilets, hotel rooms, our house, etc…
  7. Spies and investigators are the same professions.
  8. Investigators can access all devices to intercept all types of communications using technology and tools.